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Whoops, somehow this never got posted.

I moved this here blog AGES AND AGES ago!  Come find me at!


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Not a great start

Croup-y boy

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Well, we’re in Florida. The good thing is that it is well above freezing, and it is not snowing. Hooray for that!

The late-night flight was a gamble. Daniel slept almost the whole flight, which was good, but I had a large, loudly-snoring man on my other side. Less good. Rebecca only barely slept on the plane, so was completely fried by the time we landed.

They slept restlessly, Daniel coughed a lot. I don’t think we endeared ourselves to the condo neighbors at 2AM.

Daniel started to sound sicker and sicker in the morning. Junk-y sounding cough, sometimes seemed to have difficulty breathing. Spiked a fever around noon. We drugged him up and let him take a nap, but decided to take him to a pediatric urgent care place after he woke up.

He was clearly not his usual, happy self. Cranky, didn’t want the doctor to touch him or even really be in the room. Diagnosis: croup. My nurse mother-in-law and med student sister-in-law thought that was a little questionable, that what he had wasn’t quite all that. But anyways, he got a dose of steroids and a nebulizer treatment to soothe things, and directions to stay on Motrin for a few days and just watch to make sure things don’t get worse.

Ah, vacation. How much you want to bet Rebecca gets sick as soon as Daniel starts to improve?

At least it isn’t snowing.

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A quick last post before we head to NYC for the weekend.  I’m frantically trying to get the house in order so life will be easier for my SIL (who I’ve invited to guest-blog while she’s here… we’ll see if she can still string together words after taking care of two 11-month-olds).  I’m not too nervous, and I know she’ll take awesome care of my kids and they will be in great hands.  I’m really getting excited, honestly.  A long train ride, staying in a hotel, lunch and dinner with friends, seeing a show… should be great!  I even bought a book!  That’s not about kids!  I’ll also bring my knitting, and will probably work on Daniel’s hat.

Did I not mention I’ve been on a mini crafting bender the last few days?  Ooh, once I get started…  I got really into those French knots, and embroidered the quilt tops that I need to put together with backing and batting and all of that.  My brother and sister-in-law’s wedding quilt (yeah, I missed that whole “1 year” mark…) got the date of their wedding, and the kids’ quilts each got their initials and date of birth.  It was really fun.

I also picked up some fat quarters while at the craft store (look out, I’m addicted again!) in some fun food-themed prints, and will (someday) make an apron out of it.  Just as soon as I get my sewing machine set up.  And finish the three quilts I have in progress… someday.

Alright, away I go!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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