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Way Back When-esday

Cheryl hosts this particular blog party over at Twinfatuation.  It’s all about pulling out a photo from way-back-when.  This is my first time joining in, and for the moment, I’m going to stick with photos pre-kids. First of all, I just don’t think my kids are old enough for a way-back-when.  Plus, a pretty comprehensive documentation of their first 14+ months is already on this blog.  And it’s all about digging deep, people.

This one is from February, 2003.  M and I were in Epcot, our second trip together to Disney World. We were actually in Florida visiting his family, and drove up to Orlando for a few days of fun.  Little did we know we’d be getting married there a year and a half later!

Anyways, this is M, pointing to the picture we took during our first trip to Disney, back in March of 2001, at Leave a Legacy in Epcot.  Sadly, you can no longer do it, as they’re all full.  But basically everyone who paid to get their picture taken or write a message is engraved in metal and posted on big granite slabs at the entrance to Epcot. I’m not sure how long they’re going to stay, but the idea is that they’ll be there for quite a while. Then, you can go back later and look yourself up and find out where you are.  Turns out we’re right smack in the middle when you walk in, at eye level.  (M’s finger is at the lower-left corner of our picture, in case you wondered if we’re the Asian couple to the left…)

I can tell M is in a button-up shirt in that metal picture, which means we got it taken the night we had a most fabulous dinner at the Coral Reef restaurant.  A meal and a trip we still talk about.  Of course, we can’t wait until the kids are old enough to take to Disney World.  Oh, but what a different trip that will be…



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Required for all twins

They don’t tell you this at the hospital, or in the prenatal classes.  But as a parent of twins, there are certain pictures that you are required to take of your children together.  The newborns sleeping side-by-side.  The Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and/or Wonder Twins) onesies.  Et cetera.

Well, one of the required photos, as my friend LauraC pointed out to me, is the both-kids-in-the-playground-swing picture.  She warned me, months ago, that I should make sure I get that picture before they’re too big to fit.  Well, today we were at the playground, I had my camera with me, and I finally remembered. Size-wise, I think we just made it. My duty is done.


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Fourteen months

Wow!  14 months old!  Honest-to-goodness toddlers, that’s for sure.  Daniel is getting a bit better at walking every day, though still mostly crawls.  Rebecca was trying to imitate more words yesterday, and attempted to both sign and say “duck,” which I must say she did pretty well!  Mini-tantrums and skipped naps aside, this is a pretty darn fun age.  They know how to play with more complex toys, they bring me books to read.  Language comprehension is improving, and they definitely know what “sit down, please” means.  Even if they don’t always want to do it, of course.

Anyways, to mark 14 months, we attempted the chair pictures again.  They turned out OK, pretty cute, but also blurry from all of the moving around.  I maintain that about 8 months or so was the best time for those chair pictures. But regardless, here they are, on the morning of their 14-month birthday (clapping, of course, because it got them to sit for another few seconds).  As my friend Bev said the other day, there’s really nothing cuter than footie pajamas.  Another reason I love the cooler weather!


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The Clappers

As promised, photos of the clappers…  They’re just tickled by their new trick!


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Photo catch-up

I know a lot of people say that you stop taking quite so many pictures once the kids turn a year old, but I have yet to notice a dramatic dropoff.  I’m sure it’s a gradual thing, and I’m also sure that once it’s winter and dark and cold and we’re inside, lacking natural light… that’ll make things taper straight off.  But so far it’s still nice to be outside and we’ve had plenty of sunny days, so I’ve been snapping away.  Nothing exciting, no huge events or activities.  Just hanging out in the yard.

One thing that is noticeably absent is the monthly chair pictures.  It was a nice ritual, have them in the same place on the 3rd of every month.  I’d take the pictures in the morning, and by mid-afternoon I’d have the month’s highlights posted on a photo sharing site and sent to family and friends all over the country.  But the month-to-month changes in appearance are less dramatic now.  I was getting a little tired sending the updates every month.  And, quite frankly, the chair pictures were becoming hazardous. What with all of the crawling and climbing and lack of fear of falling.  So, on September 3, I did not send pictures.  Some people asked when they were coming, and I was non-committal.  My current plan is to send them out at 14, 16, and 18 months, then 21 and 24.  Or, maybe, just when the mood strikes me.  I have not given up on the mass updates or even the chair pictures altogether.  But doing so on the third day of every single month was getting to be a bit much.

Of course, if most of my family and friends had any idea this blog existed, they could find plenty of pictures here.  But, well, most of them don’t.  And that’s just fine by me.

But for you, dear anonymous internet… here are some cute ones from the past week:

Why is he always drawn to the slate and cement?

Why is he always drawn to the slate and cement?

Strike a pose, girl, there's nothing to it.

Strike a pose, girl, there's nothing to it.

Both in the tunnel... will Daniel ever stop drooling?

Both in the tunnel... will Daniel ever stop drooling?

Rebecca now prefers walking as her primary mode of transportation.

Rebecca now prefers walking as her primary mode of transportation.

Daniel models the new Obama shirts Grandpa sent.

Daniel models the new Obama shirts Grandpa sent.

If they could cooperate, they could pull off some crazy tricks.  Too bad Rebecca has a tantrum and head-butts Daniel when she realizes he's trying to play with

If they could cooperate, they could pull off some crazy tricks. Too bad Rebecca has a tantrum and head-butts Daniel when she realizes he is trying to play with "her" toy (any toy, really).


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Cute as can be

I haven’t been successful in capturing it on video, but I had to make note of some of my very favorite super-adorable things the kids do right now.

Daniel is a chatterbox, and I love his sweet little voice.  He’s got quite a range, going from gravelly to shrieking and practically yodeling, and sometimes just talking softly.  The yodeling is clearly for his own entertainment, he loves to make his voice do funny things.  When he’s climbing the stairs or otherwise moving and concentrating, he often does this funny, growling “word” that would probably be “Gof” if I tried to spell it.  But it almost sounds like he’s chewing something. It makes me laugh almost every time. Another “word” of his is “dob”.  As in “dob a-dob a-dob.”  No idea what it means, if anything, but it’s friggin adorable.  I also think that, at least 50% of the time that it seems like he’s waving, he’s actually making the sign for “light!”  One last thing: he apparently is part-dog.  He just loves carrying things around in his mouth when he crawls or climbs.

Rebecca, when she isn’t insisting that you help her walk, has become quite a little bookworm.  It has happened a number of times, but I’d say yesterday she sat for a solid 25 minutes, carefully turning the pages of one book or another.  This morning it was Pat the Bunny, and she took that little pointer finger, turned the page, and patted that darn bunny.  So small and perfect.  She also now makes funny faces just for the sake of being silly.  She kind of juts out her chin and puckers her lips, making kind of a funny “oooh” sound.  Silly girl.  And god help you if she decides she wants you to help her walk and you don’t get up fast enough.  Ooh, 12-month-old temper tantrum!


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Trip Recap, Part 1 – Grandpa’s house

[Sucky day update: the city is attempting to repair the broken sewage pipe, or at least making a good show of tearing up the street in front of my driveway. M just informed me that the city just cracked the water line instead of the sewer line, and haven’t even dug in the right place yet. Nice. Kids are still sick and crabby.  Looks like we’re staying at the hotel again tonight, now that we have no running water.]

But now, on to the vacation recap before I forget it all!

Phase 1 of the Great Midwest Trip was a few days at my dad’s house outside of Chicago.  As M has limited vacation days, he couldn’t come with for the whole 12-day adventure. Luckily, my dad jumps at the chance to do anything that involves grandkids, so he flew out Tuesday morning (for a “meeting with the Boston office”), and accompanied us on the flight to O’Hare on Wednesday morning.  It was, as they say out here, wicked early.  But the kids did great, no major meltdowns on the plane.  Hooray!

Upon arrival, we took them to a favorite haunt for lunch, and spent much of the rest of the day just hanging out with my dad and stepmom (and their dog, whom the kids loved).

An aside on “stuff.”  My dad is excited about being a grandparent, and extremely generous.  So he takes great delight in completely outfitting his house as though the grandkids live there, and I’m not going to complain.  The nursery was already set up from our last visit, complete with my dad’s beloved video monitors (having my plain old audio ones freaks him out).  I really hated those things back when the kids were 4.5 months old.  Now, I found them fascinating.  To see them walking around their cribs, or when they wake up from a nap, sitting quietly and chewing on their blankets for a while.  I may actually consider getting them at some point.  Additionally, my dad kindly picked up a double stroller to keep at the house so we didn’t have to bring ours.  He got the Baby Trend Expedition.  I was intrigued, because in general structure it was very similar to my Bob Revolution Duallie, but significantly less expensive.  I was prepared to kick myself for spending an arm and a leg and traveling across half of Massachusetts to get mine.  But my pride in my decision is intact.  The Expedition was great to have, but it was no Bob.  Didn’t push or steer nearly as easily, and while it had a couple of handy features for carrying when folded, it just wasn’t as nice.

Anyways, back to the vaca.

Thursday was a trip downtown to my dad’s office.  It’s his company, and other family employees include my brother, my stepsister’s boyfriend, and three of my cousins.  It was like a pre-family reunion.  Oh, and I worked there for a few summers, too, so plenty of old coworkers stopped by the conference room when they heard there were babies around.

Kiddos with my cousin KC.

Kiddos with my cousin KC.

"Shh, Uncle J, I'm trying to watch Barack's speech on your laptop."

"Shh, Uncle J, I'm trying to watch Barack's speech on your laptop."

My brother and me with the kiddos in the conference room.

My brother and me with the kiddos in the conference room.

Later that day, we hit Grandpa’s pool to mitigate the effects of a crappy/missed afternoon nap.

And suddenly decided that assisted walking is actually really fun!

Friday was a busy day, fitting in as much socializing as possible before we hit the road for Wisconsin.  We met a college friend of mine for lunch, which was great to catch up.  Then, after the PM nap, we met my grandma at the park.  Of course, this being the town where my whole family lives, it didn’t stop there.  My aunt had heard we’d be there, so she pulled up a few minutes later.  Then my dad clearly couldn’t stand to be away from them, so he pulled up on the motorcycle.  Then my sister-in-law rode by on a bike she was returning to my mom’s house (which is a block away), and my brother drove up, since he was on his way to meet us before our big drive. It was a party, clearly.  Anyways, we were at the park for well over an hour, which the kids seemed to enjoy.  But we had to get back to dad’s house for dinner, and then pack it up in the van for the long drive to Wisconsin.  Three adults, two kids, and an old dog with a recurring bladder infection on a six-plus-hour drive in the middle of nowhere.  Wohoo!

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