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We have a walker!

We were at our friends’ house, visiting and making dinner for them since they’re now expecting their third child.  Rebecca has been more and more confident with standing in the last week, and very insistent on me or M helping her walk around, but I wasn’t sure how soon she’d up and do it on her own.  Even when she was standing on her own, she preferred to do so while holding onto a beach ball.  I’m not sure why.

Anyways, yet again, animals provided the final push of motivation.  When she first crawled, it was in an attempt to chase the dog.  This time, she was already standing with her hands on our friends’ long-suffering cat.  The cat decided to go elsewhere, and Rebecca was so focused on it, that she just went right along.  We all cheered wildly, and proceeded to make her walk back and forth between us for the rest of the day.

Yikes!  A walker! We’ll see if she remembers her newfound ability tomorrow morning, or how long it takes her to just do it on her own.  I suspect it won’t be long and she’ll be tearing around the house on two legs shortly. That also busts my initial prediction that Daniel, though he crawled more than two months later than Rebecca, would be the first walker.  Ah well.  No rush, really!  I may have to bust out those little backpacks sooner than I thought…



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Another important first

The kids were great for our crack-of-dawn flight yesterday, and not long after arriving at my dad’s house, we decided to go out for lunch at a favorite old haunt.  Herm’s Palace is a burger/hot-dog joint that is practically like family.  In fact, my dad’s surprise 30th birthday party was held there, back when the original “Herm” was still alive, and before I was!  My dad and his buddies still go there all the time, though instead of the big Italian beef sandwich, he usually gets an “Epstein,” a heart-healthy chicken and pita dish that they all got together and created when heart attacks hit the group.

Anyways, they were so happy to see the grandkids, and toasted up a nice grilled cheese for them.  Scott, the son of the original owner, has been there forever.  He remembers your entire order without writing it down, repeats it perfectly to the short-order cooks, and whenever you get around to it (like after you’ve eaten), he repeats it again and adds up the total in his head.  Naturally, we had to get a picture with Scott to commemorate the kids’ first trip to Herm’s.

Rebecca and Daniel with Scott at Big Herm's

Rebecca and Daniel with Scott at Big Herm's


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First word, sorta

I think Rebecca is attempting her first bit of sign language.  Is it “mommy?”  “dog?” “more?”  Nah.  I think my daughter’s first word/sign is “fan.”  As in ceiling fan.  Not perfect form, of course, and you’d only recognize it if you’re really looking for it.  But if that girl sees a fan, that little hand goes up and starts twisting around.  I saw her do it with some prompting in our house, as there’s a ceiling fan in the room where we have the changing table.  But then she did it today at a store, totally out of nowhere.  She just looked up, saw the fan, and started twisting her little hand.

They’re full of imitation these days.  Raspberries are always a favorite, but you can also get Rebecca to do a little clicking sound with her tongue, and Daniel will work on emphasis with “ahhhhhAH.”  It’s a bathtime favorite.  But her quasi-recognizable sign for “fan” may be the first word connected consistently with its actual meaning.  Of course, it might be that she’s trying to tell me all sorts of things, like “da-da-da” means dog and “da-DA-DA-da” means “I prefer cheddar to mozzerella, thank you.”  But she’ll have to forgive me, I’m a little slow on the uptake.

But I’m going to go out on a limb and declare that my daughter’s first recognizable sign is, indeed, “fan.”  Now if she could just master “change my diaper,” we’d be in business.  I guess I have my motivation to keep signing to them, though.


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Tooth count, yet again

It’s a friggin dental-fest in my house, and it’s all Daniel. Five-to-one! Rebecca’s single snaggletooth is now quite visible, and Daniel looks more like a vampire than ever. But I could tell the top-middle ones were close, and the first of those two cracked the surface last night. I swear, he’s going to have a mouth full by the time he’s a year!

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