Way Back When-esday

Joining in again with Cheryl’s blog-party over at Twinfatuation, and continuing the theme of pre-baby photos.

In fact, this time we have to celebrate this very week four years ago…  Our Halloween wedding in Disney World was a whole extended weekend o’ fun.  As a destination wedding, and because it was on a Sunday, people really made a trip out of it and we had a blast.  I’ll never forget, we arrived and checked in at the Grand Floridian on Wednesday night, and got into our hotel room just in time to turn on the TV and see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series.  Yay for them and all, but did I mention we’re getting married this weekend?!

At the welcome party, Friday night

At the welcome party, Friday night

Friday evening, which was four years ago this very day, we had a little welcome party at a restaurant.  It was fun, but when the party was done, my dad’s family wasn’t.  Oh, how convenient, a Hooters across the way! Off went my dad’s entire side of the family and nearly all of the bridal party. Yes, my first and only time at a Hooters was my wedding weekend.  Wings, anyone?

Wings, anyone?

Wings, anyone?

Saturday was manicures and pedicures for me and my girls, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner.  Much fun was had, M and I were appropriately roasted.  After the rehearsal dinner, we all headed to the bar at the Grand Floridian.  M and I were lucky that the shots of tequila didn’t affect us the next morning.  The most spectacular, though, was one of M’s groomsmen getting hammered and shouting that he was “angry and fertile” while stumbling down the grand staircase at the hotel.  I don’t think we’ve stopped laughing about that one yet.

Making sure we know what to do the next day.

Making sure we know what to do the next day.

Roast me, baby.

Roast me, baby.

Booze flows freely after the rehearsal dinner.

Booze flows freely after the rehearsal dinner.

The morning of the wedding, I booted M out of our room when the hair and makeup ladies showed up, and everything ran right along like clockwork. Maybe another time I’ll give the full run-down of the event, but for today I’m just remembering how fun the run-up was.

Hair done, flowers delivered, ready to go!

Hair done, flowers delivered, ready to go!



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11 responses to “Way Back When-esday

  1. Yay, love the Way-Back that’s not about kids 🙂 Jon and I got married four years ago in Florida… next week! I might have to steal your idea (with shout-out of course) for next Wednesday.

  2. cat

    Now I was scrolling down for the final result, and NOTHING! Please show us a pic!

  3. Nice! You look fantastic 🙂 What a neat idea…Disney wedding. hmmmm. Happy almost anniversary 🙂

  4. I, like Cat, wanted to see a picture of you all dressed up! Please!!

    Happy (early) Anniversary!

  5. Oh Goddess, what a great reverie! You are simply oozing excitement and anticipation…LOVE this glimpse into your celebration…

    Happy Almost Anniversary!

    …and thank you for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

  6. thank you for sharing this peek into your wedding weekend…it looks like you had a wonderful time! happy almost anniversary!

  7. What a geat memory you just shared!
    LOVE that you had so much fun leading up to your wedding 🙂

  8. Those were fun pix!
    Thanks for sharing your 4 years ago w/us.

  9. OH CRAP!
    I can’t copy you Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday bc of the election!

    Did I mention Jon and I got married the week Bush got re-elected? Not the wisest thing ever to plan our wedding during election week.

    But the weather was 80 and sunny on my wedding day… perfect weather for a perfect day, even with GW’s re-election.

  10. Liz, what beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed reading about your wedding weekend and seeing the “way back when” pics. Now I want to do some “way back when” posts on my blog, too, but I’m afraid I’d have to go WAY back, since my regular readers will remember the last four years. 🙂 Anyway, happy anniversary a couple of days ahead! I want to see you all dressed up. I was waiting for that pic!

  11. Lisa

    I have been meaning to tell you this, but whenever I see a picture of you smiling, I always think your face reads: I am really nice, you should get to know me! You have the best, most welcoming smile 🙂 Your wedding, at least the pictures leading up to it, looks so relaxed. I am glad you shared these!

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