How to feel more human

I feel frumpy.  Dumpy and frumpy and schlumpy.  Bleh.  There’s plenty of reasons for that.  Weight, clothing, time, energy.  Whatever.  Standard mommy stuff, right?  But one thing stuck out as a downer that I could actually do something about in short order.

Finally, after nearly eight months, I made an appointment to get my hair done.  Ahhhhh.

Literally, my last haircut was shortly before my brother’s wedding.  Since then, it’s just been roots and stringiness and lots of ponytails.  I finally caught myself in the mirror the other day while trying on new glasses (since, um, I lost my last pair six months ago and I’m starting to get headaches).  Oh, it was just so ratty looking.  Got home and finally made the phone call.

Saturday morning, I went to see my dear hairdresser friend Joann, who doesn’t even give me too much of a hard time when I go way too long between cuts and foils.  I felt a little bad leaving right after Rebecca and M’s hospital outing of the night before, but I’m glad I did.  Nearly two hours of just sitting and having no one climbing on me or screaming at me.  It was quite nice.

And, because I’m a blog-aholic, I even took pictures.  Just for you guys.

The before - long, straggly, and roots, roots, roots.  At least the highlights are a subtle shade.  It could have been worse.

The "before" - long, straggly, and roots, roots, roots. At least the highlights are a subtle shade. It could have been worse.

Alien phase with lots of tin foil and a rotating heat lamp.

Alien phase with lots of tin foil and a rotating heat lamp.

Back at home.  Short, sassy, and blonde again.  Ahhh...

Back at home. More than six inches shorter, layered, and blonde again. Don't I feel sassy? Now I just have to learn how to wear makeup...



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16 responses to “How to feel more human

  1. Helen

    Fabulous- when you go to wash it you won’t believe it’s all gone, and it will dry so fast!

  2. Your before hair looks like mine right now, but it’s only been six months since my last haircut/color. I was just thinking about this fact when I read your post and was all, “wow. sounds like me.” And I like your new sassy style! Consider me inspired. I’m making the call Tuesday.

    Oh and I also noticed that you appear to live in babygate hell, much like myself.

  3. NICE! Good for you. It looks great and I’m happy you were able to get some “me” time in the process!

  4. Looks great! I need to get a babysitter hired so I can go see my hairdresser. It’s terrible but I keep thinking – oh, well, it’s so long and I can put it up. But it doesn’t look “stylish”. You look very stylish with your new ‘do!

  5. cute, cute, cute!

    but i’m right there with ya sista. i’m in total frumpsville here, even WITH a new haircut. blech! i know i need a change.

    oh real simple TLC and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, where ARE you!

  6. Oh man…THAT’S what I have to do to get over the “frumps” ?? Consider it done. (ya. it’s been about that long for me too…)

    LOVE the new ‘do!! Sassy is right. 🙂

  7. Marci

    VERY cute!! I love it!

  8. Very nice hair Liz!

    I think blonds are so fortunate…what you call “roots” crack me up! I have to constantly color my GREY, which is extreemly obvious on my dark hair. “Roots” indeed!

    Seriously, you look great! Your man should take you out on a date!

  9. cat

    You are looking absolutely fab! You should see how I look when my roots grow out on the dark brown hair – not a pretty picture. But I also love those few hours of peace and quiet at the hairdresser.

  10. I like the hair, and you deserve some time. It’s good for the kids to know that you take care of yourself (or so I tell myself).

    I, too, don’t know how to wear makeup, so my husband and I have decided that the makeup arts will be lumped under godmother duties once our girls are old enough.

  11. HHHHEEEELLLLLLO, Gorgeous! (Of course I thought you looked pretty before, too…)

    Good, good good for you! You must feel SOOO invigorated…and speaking from experience, shorter hair and twins works very well. 🙂

  12. Nice! I like the new length.
    And I’m totally envying that iPhone!

  13. jungletwins

    Awwww, pretty!

  14. I have been feeling frumpy, dumpy, lumpy and squishy lately for the exact same reasons…..I need to get out of this funk!

    you look fab!

  15. I love it!

    I’ve never colored my hair (ok, there was that kool-aid incident in 6th grade), but I’ve really wanted to do something “fresh”. I even went so far as to upload my photo to one of those sites so that I could “try on” shorter hair styles, but when I got in the hairdressers chair the last time (4 months ago!), I just couldn’t do it. SOMEDAY, I will go for a shorter cut…SOMEDAY!!

    You look great Liz!

  16. Elsa

    Love the new length! You are definitely looking SASSY!

    I knew it was time for me to get a real post-baby haircut when I cut 6 inches off and no one noticed because I still had my hair up in a ponytail all the time.

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