Who Knew?

You know how sometimes you try and try and try to teach your kids something?  A word or a particular skill?  And they just aren’t into it.

And then there are the things that they just start doing.  That you had no idea they were capable of.  That you didn’t in any way try to teach them.

File this one under the latter.  Daniel decided yesterday that he was going to have an apple for dinner (and no pasta or anything else, for that matter). What’s funny is that I never gave him an apple. He went and found one in the bags from last weekend’s apple-picking adventure.  He grabbed it, and I saw him carrying it.  “How funny,” I thought.  “Maybe he thinks it’s a ball.”  Um yeah, and then he started eating it.  I didn’t peel it.  I didn’t cut it up.  He just straight-up ate half the damn apple.  That’s what I get for underestimating his mad skillz!



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3 responses to “Who Knew?

  1. That’s awesome. Go Daniel!

  2. How very cool. This is what everyone meant when they said kids grow up so very fast!

    One of my 2 1/2-year-olds just spontaneously started using the phrases “last week” and “last weekend” – correctly! We couldn’t believe that she was at the point of understanding those concepts.

  3. My little guy randomly started eating apples on his own too!!! Maybe its a skill they have inside them, but never let us know!

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