Way Back When-esday

Cheryl hosts this particular blog party over at Twinfatuation.  It’s all about pulling out a photo from way-back-when.  This is my first time joining in, and for the moment, I’m going to stick with photos pre-kids. First of all, I just don’t think my kids are old enough for a way-back-when.  Plus, a pretty comprehensive documentation of their first 14+ months is already on this blog.  And it’s all about digging deep, people.

This one is from February, 2003.  M and I were in Epcot, our second trip together to Disney World. We were actually in Florida visiting his family, and drove up to Orlando for a few days of fun.  Little did we know we’d be getting married there a year and a half later!

Anyways, this is M, pointing to the picture we took during our first trip to Disney, back in March of 2001, at Leave a Legacy in Epcot.  Sadly, you can no longer do it, as they’re all full.  But basically everyone who paid to get their picture taken or write a message is engraved in metal and posted on big granite slabs at the entrance to Epcot. I’m not sure how long they’re going to stay, but the idea is that they’ll be there for quite a while. Then, you can go back later and look yourself up and find out where you are.  Turns out we’re right smack in the middle when you walk in, at eye level.  (M’s finger is at the lower-left corner of our picture, in case you wondered if we’re the Asian couple to the left…)

I can tell M is in a button-up shirt in that metal picture, which means we got it taken the night we had a most fabulous dinner at the Coral Reef restaurant.  A meal and a trip we still talk about.  Of course, we can’t wait until the kids are old enough to take to Disney World.  Oh, but what a different trip that will be…



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9 responses to “Way Back When-esday

  1. that is a really cute picture of you two. we were just talking about disneyland last night. we live about 20 minutes away and a friend suggested we get a yearly pass so we can take the boys to ‘play’ there (they are free until three). it sounds like a fun idea and passes are reasonably priced for socal residents. guess that is what we will ask for from the family for christmas. it is the happiest place on earth, they say.

  2. OMIGOSH!!!! That is the COOLEST thing! Now whenever we make it down there, we’ll have to scan and find you all! (If we see the Asian couple to your left, we’ll remember we’re close! 😉 )

    What a great “Way-back!” Thanks for playing along.

  3. Oh that’s just freakin’ awesome. And what a great picture too – even in metal. 😀

  4. cat

    Wow, this is so cool!

  5. Marci

    I’ll have to try to find you this weekend (leaving for DW w/the in-laws tonight for a very long weekend – hooray for DW!). Btw, is it just me or does the woman in that Asian couple to the left look a lot like Sandra Oh… hrm…

  6. That is just awesome! I had no idea they did that! And how cool that you are right in the middle!!!!

  7. Ooooh how cool to be a permanent part of Disney!

  8. Wow, that is so cool! I didn’t know you could leave a pic at Epcot!!!!! And, by the way, the woman in the Asian couple to your left looks suspiciously like Sandra Oh, but with a fuller face. Maybe it was Sandra Oh before she became fully famous?

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