Fall in New England

We had a wonderful weekend with my dad and stepmom in town. They actually arrived Friday morning and left early today, so they got a full three days with the kiddos (and me, I guess, but mostly the kids… you know how it goes). Thankfully, neither of my kids has yet developed much by way of stranger anxiety. They sometimes get a little clingy if they’re feeling overwhelmed, but they were more than happy to play with their thoroughly adoring grandparents.

Sunday had to be the highlight of the weekend. After Meet the Press (my dad does not miss Meet the Press), we took the kids out for lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant.  I swear, that has to be their favorite cuisine.  They can’t get enough of refried beans and Mexican rice. And I’ve never seen Daniel put away so much food.  He ate a few chips while we waited, then almost an entire cheese-and-onion enchilada and at least half of the pile of black beans and rice.  And even though he looked like he was in a bit of a food coma, he still demolished the scoop of ice cream that comes with the kids’ meals.  Rebecca did about the same damage on her soft taco plate.  It was madness.

After lunch, we hopped in the car and drove out to Shelburne Farm, where M’s company was hosting their annual apple-picking outing.  Hooray for fall in New England!  It was one of those “attraction” farms with the pony ride and moon bounce and all of that.  Most of it, the kids were too young for.  But it will be fun to go back again later.  And, as it turns out, it was not just the kids’ first time apple picking.  It was also the first for my dad and stepmom!  It was a perfect, crisp, sunny Fall day.  We got our two bags of apples, and I’ll make plenty of yummy things with them.  But mostly it was just nice to be out there with the bright colors and fresh air and hot apple cider.

Sad again, of course, when the grandparents had to say goodbye at bedtime last night.  Hard to leave when you only see them a few times a year.  Yet again, the move to Chicago is pulling me… not that I’m going to even consider putting my house on the market right now.  But still, the dream remains.

Anyways, some favorite pictures from our weekend adventures:



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13 responses to “Fall in New England

  1. that sounds like a fun weekend and you got some beautiful pictures!

  2. What gorgeous pictures! (And that tree had to work awfully hard to compare to your kiddos!)

    The swinging babes picture, and the imaginings of the Mexican consumption…great post, Goddess!

  3. Those pics are SO cute! I can’t believe how much your leaves are changing. We’re only about 20% changed here in St. Louis.
    🙂 Becky

  4. I just love fall pictures. Everything is so beautiful. And that one of the kids “swinging” – you should enter that is some contest somewhere…I bet it would win prizes 🙂

  5. Ok….this is really weird! I swear I’m not stalking you….but I was at the same apple orchard on Sunday! I didn’t see you. What time were you there? How funny is that?
    Did you have the apple cidar donuts! They were to die for! Again, can’t believe I didn’t see you. As soon as I saw the pix of the orange tree I was like ….Wait a minute! I have the same pix!

  6. The kids are as adorable as always – they just get cuter and cuter – but the grandparents’ smiles say it all. What a great day.

  7. The pictures are too cute for words. I think my favorite is the last one of Daniel, just standing there in his hoodie. Also loved the one of all the fall foliage. This really makes me want to move to New England, just for the fall! As I type this, it’s almost 80 degrees outside … AGAIN!!!!!

  8. Tara

    As I think you know, we moved back to my home state (i.e. near my parents) when I was pregnant–for numerous reasons, but a very important one being that which you allude to so often (being close to the grandparents). I can’t say enough good things about it–especially after a day when I was interning at an important seminar, hubby was unreachable, and daycare called to say Emilia had a fever and needed to be picked up. Grandma saved the day! It’s such a win-win for everyone involved. I hope you get your dream someday soon. It’s worth the sacrifices you might need to make, in my opinion.

  9. cat

    That last picture is an absolute beauty! Looks like you had a lt of fun with the grandparents.

  10. I enjoyed viewing your Blog. Thought I would stop and say “hi”. Happy Fall.


  11. Ryan

    I love the last one, it has a LOLcat feel. “Invisbul orkestra condukter” or something.

  12. Kristin


    I have a question about your blog. Would you mind emailing me?

    Thanks so much,

    Kristin Babiarz

  13. Every time my parents visit or I go back to Chicago, my husband and I talked about moving back. It was great to meet you! I had your old blog in my google reader and I didn’t realize you had switched.

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