PETA will not be pleased

Last night, I decided to celebrate fall and make my favorite spaghetti sauce (despite the fact that it was reasonably warm yesterday).  A tasty, hearty meat sauce (no, that’s not why PETA will be pissed), that just begs to have garlic bread to scoop up whatever the pasta doesn’t hold on to.  Mmm.  We were about to take the kids up for bed, while our visiting friend hung out downstairs.  I decided to turn on the broiler to heat it up while we did bedtime, so the garlic bread would be ready for a quick toasting as soon as we were done.  Mmm.

We’re upstairs, pulling the kids out of the tub, when M and I both looked up and said “what’s burning?”  It was not unlike the smell when something you previously cooked and spilled in the oven starts to burn.  Yet somehow even stronger and more unpleasant.  M went down to investigate, friend was already opening windows.  Smoke was coming out the back side of the stovetop, near the clock and instrument panel.  Not good.  And the burning smell was so sharp and strong that it made you a little sick just to catch a whiff, even upstairs.  Blech.

What, you ask, would cause my otherwise relatively new and perfectly functional stove to combust in such a manner?  Well… um… I have a suspicion.

Remember my post a few weeks ago about our small, uninvited visitor?  I haven’t seen him in a while and he hasn’t been a problem.  But the one time I did catch sight of him a few weeks ago, he skittered away through the tiniest of slots… in my oven.  I assumed there was a hole through which he got out. I even used the oven a few times between then and now with no issue. Um.  Apparently not so much with the getting out of the oven.  It’s possible I just accidentally set the mouse on fire.

In my defense, it’s possible I didn’t kill him.  It’s possible he crawled in there and was dead already.  Makes the story slightly less cruel, but no less disgusting.

The Sears repair guy is coming tomorrow.  I said my oven was smoking.  I made no mention of the mouse.  Isn’t homeownership grand?

Blech, blech, blech.

But on the upside, no mouse droppings on my counter.  Sorry, little dude.  I didn’t mean to…



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15 responses to “PETA will not be pleased

  1. Well that crosses an item off your to-do list!

  2. jungletwins

    Hilarious! And gross. Don’t feel bad though. I find lizard parts all over my house on a weekly basis from my cat torturing the poor little guys. Still I keep the cat because he keeps out the mice! Its a trade-off.

  3. Gulp – EW!! LOL! I’m going back and forth laughing and gagging. heh

  4. Marci

    Just one of the many reasons I will always have a cat or two. Well, at least it wasn’t a squirrel – I didn’t bake any of them but several got trapped in our house in Ithaca – dead squirrels not so much fun – dead squirrels in a wall that you cannot find, even less fun.

  5. well…that’s a creative, yet effective way to rid your house of a mouse!

  6. cat

    Well, I say bugger PETA and good on you girl! Just a bit gory to get rid of it in this way, but I have no time for a mouse in the house.

  7. It must be the season for mice! My mom was just IM’ing me that there is a mouse in her kitchen DRAGGING around a spoon that had peanut butter on it (she had put the spoon in the dog bowl as a treat for the dog)!!! She is freaking out.

    🙂 Becky

  8. nakedanarchists

    Maybe not PETA friendly, but you clearly didn’t expose yourself to vile things like the Hanta virus. You could even justify your eradication method as being in the interest of public health.
    And there really is no reason to alarm the nice man from Sears. Best to omit the details.

  9. Rebecca

    Ew ew ew! Want to borrow a cat next time? Winnie will love it!

  10. Mmm-mmm, Liz! Nothing like a side of broiled mouse to go with spaghetti sauce and garlic bread. 🙂 So, my question is, how did you end up toasting the garlic bread?

  11. Eeeek!
    Funny thing though….I made my homemade meat sauce too last night. I even took pix along the way and was gonna do a food post…but alas….haven’t gotten around to doing that yet today. I’m annoyed I didn’t think of the garlic bread though! Hmmm, I’m having the left overs tonight! Yumm!

  12. Yikes!

    Don’t feel too bad. I have a mice nesting in a motor boat motor story that rivals it. My only saving grace is that I wasn’t the one pulling the chain.

  13. Almost (minus the fire) the SAME exact thing happened to me where I used to work! As a case manager we took turns once a week making dinner for our mentally ill clients when we working in the evenings. I was cooking away and couldn’t figure out why all my stovetop food smelled BAD – rancid, in fact. We finally pulled the oven away from the wall, followed the smell and found a mouse dead up inside the stove. It was alot of fun getting him out (not). I feel SO bad for you! That SMELL is one that I will never ever get out of my head. I can’t imagine if the little guy had been burning as well. Should be fun to see the Sears guy’s expression when he finds the source of the smoke! YUCK!

  14. kimbolina

    Sorry to have to crap on the parade, but where there is one there is a hundred. I would still look into some pest control, especially if one has been nesting in the oven. Hanta Virus isn’t pretty.

  15. Yum! Mouse and garlic bread…what a good combo.

    I guess now you don’t have to worry about getting rid of him…unless, he has friends.

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