Books On Demand

When the kids were really little, I worried that I wasn’t reading to them enough.  M and I both love to read, and I was an especially big bookworm as a child.  We definitely wish the same thing for our kids, even if it means too many batteries for the flashlight when they’re reading past their bedtime again.  But when they were, oh, eight weeks old, and someone in one of my new moms classes claimed that their child “loved books,” I about died.  Crap, now I have to find time to read to them, too?! In those crazy, survival days of the first few months, it was pretty low on my list.  But I felt guilty.  What if I don’t read to them enough, and then they don’t love books? Yeah.  Whatever.

Eventually we started reading more.  We worked it into our routine, they started to actually smile and laugh and enjoy it.  By 11 or so months old, you could find Rebecca sitting on the floor next to the shelves in the playroom.  She’d pull one book after another out of her shelves, and carefully flip through the pages of each one.  Daniel enjoys his stories, too (you should hear him go “sssssss” when we get to the quiet old lady whispering ‘hush’ in Goodnight Moon).  But Rebecca is our resident bookworm.

Now, though, she has figured out that if you bring a book to Mommy (or Daddy, or whoever is there), she will read it to you. It’s her new favorite thing.  She brings me book after book, and stands in front of me, bouncing with anticipation, until I start reading.  If I take too long (or am still reading the first book she brought me), she makes it known that she is quite displeased.  I have to remember to tell her to “sit down please” before I start reading, or I’ll get about two pages in and she’ll be off getting the next story.

Hand picks an apple, hand picks a plum. Dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum.

You’re too small for basketball, unless you play with someone tall.

I see a purple cat looking at me.

It’s quiet now, what do you say?

I’ve memorized them all, it seems.  And Rebecca’s getting close.  She anticipates some of the animal sounds, and gleefully points out the mouse on every page, or the monkey, or the dog, or the duck.  My little bookworm. So, for those who may be saying “are you kidding me? When would I find time to read to my newborn?!”  Fear not.

[And how many of you out there instantly knew which four books are the playroom favorites?]



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7 responses to “Books On Demand

  1. Ya. I was worried about that as well – and they kids are sitting and “reading” all on their own now (especially Maggie). Logan’s not quite sure he wants to sit still long enough for a book, but he likes flipping through those pages like a wild man. 🙂

    I’m going to guess that one of the favorites for the playroom is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie….

    Do you guys have The Going to Bed Book? Burke and Maggie pick out the moose on each page in that one. 🙂 Mike has it memorized – thank goodness – so even though we’ve lost all 3 copies we have somewhere (downstairs? the car? grandpa’s house?), they still hear it almost every night. heh

  2. Rebecca

    Me me!! I know all of them. And read them, all, multiple times a day. The monkey one is really a little freaky. Why are there millions of monkeys? Why is this a good thing?

    If you don’t have the Duck books, I recommend them highly. The kiddos are obsessed. We have Duck in the Truck & Fix it Duck. Those both come in board books.

  3. You are an AWESOME, AWESOME Mama!
    (Hee hee..glad to see that first quote especially. Our kiddos loved that one…and STILL want to read it sometimes!)

    Seems like Rebecca and Daniel have similar text taste to Darren and Sarah…all four of your lines brought back very happy memories. 🙂

  4. my 3 won’t sit still long enough for me to finish a book. but…they still love them and most often bring me one of three to read (baa baa black sheep, the nose book & an animal book). even if we never get past page 2!

  5. Yeah, I never thought my guys would ever get into books either. But they did! And my big guys now want real story books…meaning no pictures. Aren’t they too young for that? Guess not! We’ve done the Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe so far and they loved it. They are begging me to read them the Star Wars books but I’m totally not doing that yet. Harry Potter trumps Star Wars in my book. No pun intended!

  6. that is great! i love to read and hope that maddy and libby will too. i’m lucky to squeeze in goodnight moon 1x a day, but we’re trying! i only recognize brown bear, brown bear, but i’m still new to all the children’s books!

  7. You read my mind! We’ve tried to read to them a few times but it doesn’t go well. For now we’re concentrating on tummy time and getting them to go to bed. No time yet for building in books but I’ll be trying my best in another few weeks. I also want them to read under the covers like I used to.

    As my friend Alyson said on my last BF post – why do we moms guilt ourselves so much? Of course I was like this about work before I had kids so I think there is no cure for me. 🙂

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