First, thanks to all for your comments on the whole foot surgery business.  I do think I’ll go ahead and try to have it done next month, and figure out the childcare situation as best I can.  Hrm… maybe I should ask for a TV for our bedroom for my birthday.  You know, if I’m going to be “resting” and all.

On a completely unrelated note, I continue to be in the crafting groove.  I even (speaking of early birthday presents) got a spanking new sewing machine.  Wohoo!  I’m all but finished with the quilt for my niece, and have another one ready for sandwiching as soon as I decide what I’m actually going to do with it.  I was itching to work on something else, so I pulled out fabric I had cut and started for a quilt ages ago (probably over two years ago).  Turns out, the combination of fabrics I picked back then was ugly as sin.  So I saved the big pieces for my scrap stash, and just plain ditched the rest.  Alas.

And then, lightbulb!  I remembered a project I thought of a few months ago.  Taking up much-needed storage space is a stack of the kids’ old recieving blankets.  Well-loved, frequently-washed flannel with somehow nary a prune-juice-spit-up stain on them (thank you, Oxi-Clean).  A little too ratty to pass on to someone else, but too full of newborn memories (to think, we used to be able to swaddle them in those blankets!) to throw in the trash.  Out comes the ruler and the rotary cutter, and the dozen or so blankets are rapidly becoming stacks of six-inch squares, destined to become rag quilts.

My only debate right now is what kind of blanket I’m aiming to make.  Do I want the warm, snuggly kind that you curl up under on a chilly night?  Or do I want a smaller, lighter one that can be dragged around and slept with as a comfort item?  It’s a difference not only in size but also in construction.  A heavier, warmer blanket would have batting in between the layers for warmth and weight.  A little lovey blanket could just be two layers of flannel with nothing in between.

And, while they’re starting to learn new words and signs, I can’t exactly ask my kids which they’d prefer. Maybe a little lovey blanket, since they already have their other quilts…  Crafty moms of older kids, any thoughts?



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7 responses to “Transformation

  1. cat

    You crafty super mom! Gosh, wish I had the chance to do this! But a great idea!

  2. What an awesome idea!! I like the lovey, comfort idea. . . can you put tags in it like a taggie? My kids wouldn’t go anywhere without their taggies from about age 14 months until … well … they still need to sleep with them 🙂 Someone was really thinking when they made those.

    And, ah, speaking of taggies….I tagged you (again). *grin*

  3. i love the use of the blankets for rag quilts. i am almost done with my first for the boys, i just have to sew the binding over. i went without batting as they are the cuddle kind and we live in california. hoping they like them in the end, they already have some loveys and may not transfer to the newbies.

    i used the monkey line from moda, came in precut charm packs, easiest ever. i will have to post about them at some point. enjoy the new machine. 🙂

  4. I am very jealous. My lovely husband gave me a sewing machine for Christmas when I was pregnant, and almost 3 years later, I still don’t know how to use it. My girls love lighter blankets for snuggling, daycare nap time, and tucking their dolls in, but we’re in Texas, so heavy stuff has pretty limited seasonal use.

  5. Marci

    Will you teach me how to use a sewing machine? I have a brand new one in my closet still sitting in the box that I’ve wanted to learn how to use forever…

  6. kimbolina

    The only draw back to lovey’s is that you can’t decide what your kid will attach themselves too. I remember with my first all the “special” things I gave him that I imagined he would love and cherish like apart of himself . The beautiful handmade blankets made by my deceased grandma, the teddy bear I bought him after my first ultrasound…instead he chose an antique quilt I saved up the money for and bought myself as a security thingy. It was very girlie and covered with flowers and had satin pink budoir panels handstitched to the front. My husband would physically shudder everytime our boy dragged that blanket with him out the door. I knew one kid who carried around a vcr tape of “chicken run” instead of all the lovies her mommy tried to attach her to. I say go for the full sized. Even if they don’t use them every night now, as they grow older they will appreciate them. especially when slumber party age rolls around.

  7. Oh my goodness! What a great idea! Although, I’m still clinging to the hope of a third baby…maybe I’ll wait on cutting up those receiving blankets just yet. 🙂

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