Required for all twins

They don’t tell you this at the hospital, or in the prenatal classes.  But as a parent of twins, there are certain pictures that you are required to take of your children together.  The newborns sleeping side-by-side.  The Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and/or Wonder Twins) onesies.  Et cetera.

Well, one of the required photos, as my friend LauraC pointed out to me, is the both-kids-in-the-playground-swing picture.  She warned me, months ago, that I should make sure I get that picture before they’re too big to fit.  Well, today we were at the playground, I had my camera with me, and I finally remembered. Size-wise, I think we just made it. My duty is done.



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20 responses to “Required for all twins

  1. Alison

    Very cute!! My identical twin and I have lots of “together” pictures of us as babies and toddlers, but very, very few “separate” pictures. I like that your blog has both!
    PS: I’ll have to dig around and see if we have a both-kids-in-the-swing pic, though it’s a little late to rectify that situation if we have none :].

  2. Oops – I don’t have side by side in the hospital. Or any Wonder Twin or Thing 1 or Thing 2 onsies. Alison’s comment is interesting – my mom did both individual and joint and even just having 2 of us in photos. I seem to do more individual photos than joint ones of my kids.

  3. um, i guess we missed the memo on that one. and for all the time we spend at that dang park…

    btw, i LOVE those shoes. too cute.

  4. Ha ha ha… we totally have ALL of those pictures!!!!! Tooo funny!

  5. That look between them is HYSTERICAL! When my husband and I put our twins in the swing together like that for the first time, we thought we had been the first to think of it…and then we saw the albums of plenty of twin parents who’d trod the path before us. 😉

    Darling pics, Goddess!

  6. Yep, those are some of the required pictures! We got our double swing pics with another set of twins on a playdate. It’s so cute with the second set of twins in the background…one of the few times I thought, boy, it sure would be fun to have quads ;0)

    Your kids are so cute!

  7. ya, I don’t think we got that pic *sigh* And I’m fairly sure it’s waaaaay too late. I think we could probably squeeze them in now, but it just wouldn’t be the same 😉

    VERY cute 🙂

  8. Alison

    I found a few “just one” pictures from portrait sets of us done by professionals. I was looking for one for a high school project (I’m in college now). It bothered me for approx. one minute until I realized that I’m pretty lucky as it is to be a twin and that having a couple more “singleton” pictures wouldn’t make much of a difference for me. Mom would take more if she got a redo, but I don’t blame her. Twin had major protein digestion issues as a baby, which contributed to some serious health scares up until we were 3 (when her digestive and immune systems really ironed themselves out; her health has been good ever since). However, there still may be a few in picture boxes yet untapped… Maybe twin and I will finish putting together the baby years photo albums for our mom next summer!

  9. Yet another way I have totally messed up.

  10. Marci

    I love how skeptically they’re checking each other out in the first photo – very cute!

  11. Not sure if you remember me, but we had our kiddos same time and chatted on babycenter. I LOVE your blog. It makes me laugh!

  12. Thanks for the shout-out and the picture ROCKS!

    For the record, I can still squeeze Nate and Alex in there together in a pinch. We had a 6 month period where their bellies were too big but they both had growth spurts and fit now!

  13. Oh, this makes me want to have twins! 🙂

  14. Patricia

    Your swing pictures are so cute!!!!! I have 16 month old twins and just wanted to ask… How do you take them to the park by yourself????? I’m still trying to figure this out. Mine would be running in different directions!!!

  15. Ahhhh, I never did any of those pictures! I’m so not cool. That’s what I get for not joining the twin club or blog world til they were too old for all those ideas!
    Glad you’re passing it on to other twin moms!

  16. cat

    Lovely photos! Wish we had those type of swings around here.

  17. Left you something on my blog…

  18. GREAT pic! I love it.
    I’m trying to figure out if I can squeeze my 21 month olds into a swing for pic…..

  19. Kelly Piazza

    I, too, have the thing 1 and thing 2, newborns holding hands pic but I never thought about the swing…thanks. I just found your blog tonight and it’s so unfortunately nice that I’m not the only one who suffers from the two timing no nappers/sleepers. I only wish I found you earlier so that we could sympathize with one another. I’m trying to catch up, reading your past blogs and laughing/crying because I went through the same things with my now 1 year old boy/girl twins.

  20. Vicki

    I don’t have that pic of my twin boys in the swing together. I’ll have to remedy that soon before they get too big. They just turned 18 months on the 3rd. I’ll have to get to steppin on that one.

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