Fourteen months

Wow!  14 months old!  Honest-to-goodness toddlers, that’s for sure.  Daniel is getting a bit better at walking every day, though still mostly crawls.  Rebecca was trying to imitate more words yesterday, and attempted to both sign and say “duck,” which I must say she did pretty well!  Mini-tantrums and skipped naps aside, this is a pretty darn fun age.  They know how to play with more complex toys, they bring me books to read.  Language comprehension is improving, and they definitely know what “sit down, please” means.  Even if they don’t always want to do it, of course.

Anyways, to mark 14 months, we attempted the chair pictures again.  They turned out OK, pretty cute, but also blurry from all of the moving around.  I maintain that about 8 months or so was the best time for those chair pictures. But regardless, here they are, on the morning of their 14-month birthday (clapping, of course, because it got them to sit for another few seconds).  As my friend Bev said the other day, there’s really nothing cuter than footie pajamas.  Another reason I love the cooler weather!



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8 responses to “Fourteen months

  1. OMGosh – that last one is adorable!! And yup, have to agree about footie PJs. Love ’em!

  2. Have I mentioned how much I love the chair pics? Add the footie PJs, and it’s cuteness overload. 🙂 Happy 14 months!

  3. Happy Fourteen Months, Pumpkins! So cute!

  4. Lisa

    Good Lord, could they be any cuter? Nope.

  5. SO cute! And I love the new pics at the top!

  6. happy 14 months!

    i, too adore footie pjs. but alas, my children hate them 😦

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