The Clappers

As promised, photos of the clappers…  They’re just tickled by their new trick!



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7 responses to “The Clappers

  1. oh my gosh, that is so cute! i love how excited their little faces are and those big grins tickle me!

  2. awiley

    adorable! I like how R is showing off with the stand & clap 🙂 They both look very pleased with themselves!

  3. OOOOOOHHHH! The visuals are breathtaking!
    Just last night the kids were looking at pictures on the computer with me and said, “There are Daniel and Rebecca!” I’ll have to show them these…they’ll be thrilled!

  4. Awwww – they look so delighted!

  5. Oh! SO cute. I had a late clapper, too. But oh, they are adorable when they finally figure out how much fun it is!

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