Check that box

The kiddos continue their developmental progress, with new bits and pieces seemingly every day. As a mom, of course, you can’t help but worry.  I found a developmental checklist the other day from an Early Intervention service provider, and I thought I’d take a look.  As to be expected, they’re “ahead” on some things, and there are others that they don’t yet do that they arguably should.

One thing that is always on lists that has always bugged me is clapping.  In the child development class I took back in the spring, here were all of these 9-month-olds clapping.  My kids?  Yeah, not so much.  But, then, I suppose I don’t clap a lot in front of them, so whatever.  I tried doing it more.  No interest.  It’s a small thing, and they seem to be doing well otherwise on fine and gross motor stuff, but it was this little thorn that kept bugging me.

Last night, all of a sudden, Daniel started clapping.  I encouraged him, he kept going.  Wohoo!  Did other things for a few minutes, tried again – more clapping!  Yay!  M called on his way home from work and I let him know of this new trick.  As I was telling him that Daniel could do it… Rebecca walked up and with a look of “oh, sure, so that’s what we’re doing now?”, she started clapping, too.  Even better, a few minutes later, I simply said “clap,” without demonstrating or even really looking at them, and clap they did.  Wohoo!  Motor skills and language comprehension!  I tried again this morning, and it was no fluke.  We have clappers.  Whew, check off that box.  [I’ll try to get a picture later today. Daniel is so entertained by clapping, it’s frigging adorable.]

In other developmental news:

Daniel is taking a few steps at a time, now many times a day.  Sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement, and sometimes he just decides to do it on his own.  He has such a great excited, proud smile on his face when he does it.  He’s still a little unsure and unsteady, but he’s getting there quickly.  He’s also gotten very good at figuring out how to climb on one thing to get at something higher.  Such as climbing on Daddy to get to the couch, or climbing on the new Ikea chairs to get on top of the new table.

Rebecca has also figured out the chairs-to-table bit, and every now and then I turn around to find her standing on top of the table.  There’s going to be a loud thud followed by screams in my near future.  Speaking of loud thuds and screams… both kids are getting better at the feet-first method of getting down from things like the couch.  But not all the time, and Daniel crawled himself right off of our bed the other day before naptime.  Thankfully he landed on the carpeted part, but the carpet ain’t that thick and he had a nice welt on his forehead.  Poor kiddo.  I saw it happen, but just couldn’t grab him in time.  And so many times he’s crawled near the edge and come right back… oh, we all have to have our bad mommy days, don’t we?

I wrote about speech development the other day for HDYDI, and since then I’ve noticed even more attempts at imitation of words.  Rebecca is very clearly trying to indicate “dog,” it’s just that she has a lot of words that sound like “da-da.”  But her comprehension is good.  When I ask her to find her bear or a ball, she gleefully finds the right thing most of the time.  Daniel, I swear to you, is now saying “light” in addition to signing it (it remains his only sign).  It sounds more like “yacht,” but he’s done it several times.  And for further proof that he really is M’s son… my mother-in-law informs me that “light” was his first word, too. Funny, huh?



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7 responses to “Check that box

  1. You’ll see… day you’ll turn around and they will be talking up a storm.

  2. cat

    These developmental milestones sometimes completely freaks e out. The little miss only started clapping and waving way after walking!

  3. i had to stop reading developmental checklists because i would get so worried with each thing i couldn’t check off. gotta love the climbing though, i am seeing a lot of it too. it really keeps me on my toes these days!

  4. kimbolina

    I have never once even glimpsed at a developemental milestone chart with my toddler twinnies. I was obsessive about it with my first (because hey, aren’t we all obsessive about our firsts), and it cause me too much stress and worry, so this time I decided that I’m not going to do it. I don’t want my kids to fit inside a box anyway…I know they don’t have any severe developemental issues so I don’t sweat the timeline. I have found that it is more their personality that determines when they do things as opposed to innate ability. My girlie walked way before her brother, and she is the more bossy, confident, adventurous twin. He walked eventually, but only after he’d sufficiently practiced it in his head enough times to feel secure about it. You could actually see him working out the logistics of the act before he tried to physically do it.

  5. Listen, maybe Daniel is trying to say “yacht,” giving you a hint as to what he wants for his next birthday. 😉 How cool that both kids are clapping now! Jack does it very occasionally, usually when he’s done something really bad and is delighted with himself. He also laughs and claps when Johnny and I kiss in front of him (a little weird, but OK! :)). However, he NEVER claps when everyone else is clapping at My Gym. This worries me greatly, but I guess he’s just trying to be different?

  6. How cute that they’re overachieving clappers now!
    Truthfully, I simply think they’re developmentally ahead and are an audience that needs to be genuinely entertained before the clapping is merited…they have cultivated tastes! 😉

    Sounds like they are doing so well…y’all need to come back VA way soon!

  7. I wish I had been blogging when mine were little, it’s such a great way to keep track of all the milestones.

    I love reading about your twins.

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