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Finished for Friday – My New Blog!

What’s finished this week?  My new home!

I’ve moved, come say hello.  There’s even a giveaway!


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Almost Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and I’m hoping not to have a screaming repeat of last year.  But really, the comparison of nearly-3-month-olds to nearly-15-month-olds?  No comparison at all.  This is SO much more fun.  Here they are, modeling the cute Halloween shirts we found at Target.  Later today we might try on the actual costumes… hope they don’t hate them, or at least allow them to stay on long enough for a picture!


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Way Back When-esday

Joining in again with Cheryl’s blog-party over at Twinfatuation, and continuing the theme of pre-baby photos.

In fact, this time we have to celebrate this very week four years ago…  Our Halloween wedding in Disney World was a whole extended weekend o’ fun.  As a destination wedding, and because it was on a Sunday, people really made a trip out of it and we had a blast.  I’ll never forget, we arrived and checked in at the Grand Floridian on Wednesday night, and got into our hotel room just in time to turn on the TV and see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series.  Yay for them and all, but did I mention we’re getting married this weekend?!

At the welcome party, Friday night

At the welcome party, Friday night

Friday evening, which was four years ago this very day, we had a little welcome party at a restaurant.  It was fun, but when the party was done, my dad’s family wasn’t.  Oh, how convenient, a Hooters across the way! Off went my dad’s entire side of the family and nearly all of the bridal party. Yes, my first and only time at a Hooters was my wedding weekend.  Wings, anyone?

Wings, anyone?

Wings, anyone?

Saturday was manicures and pedicures for me and my girls, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner.  Much fun was had, M and I were appropriately roasted.  After the rehearsal dinner, we all headed to the bar at the Grand Floridian.  M and I were lucky that the shots of tequila didn’t affect us the next morning.  The most spectacular, though, was one of M’s groomsmen getting hammered and shouting that he was “angry and fertile” while stumbling down the grand staircase at the hotel.  I don’t think we’ve stopped laughing about that one yet.

Making sure we know what to do the next day.

Making sure we know what to do the next day.

Roast me, baby.

Roast me, baby.

Booze flows freely after the rehearsal dinner.

Booze flows freely after the rehearsal dinner.

The morning of the wedding, I booted M out of our room when the hair and makeup ladies showed up, and everything ran right along like clockwork. Maybe another time I’ll give the full run-down of the event, but for today I’m just remembering how fun the run-up was.

Hair done, flowers delivered, ready to go!

Hair done, flowers delivered, ready to go!


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Cranky pants

It’s been a cranky-pants kind of… day? week? month?  I don’t know.  As much as I love this age in that the kids really “play” a lot more and are learning neat new things, it’s also a cranky age.  New-ish walkers mean lots of losing balance and smacking heads.  Adventuresome climbers fall off of things.  Uncertain needs and spare communication skills lead to early-stage tantruming.  Nap transition plus weekend illness plus cold autumn rain = lots of screaming in my house.

Add to that today’s finally-rescheduled annual checkup… let me just say THANK GOD M decided to be a wonderful person and take a sick day so I didn’t have to bring the kids with me.  The office called yesterday (and you know I was sure they were calling to cancel when I saw that caller ID) to remind me of the appointment and ask me to come 15 minutes before the appointment.  Fine, I showed up at 11:30 for my 11:45 appointment.  So that I could… tell them nothing at all has changed with regard to insurance, address, etc etc etc.  Great.  Sat and read a magazine, and no one called my name for 35 minutes.  Finally went and got the initial blood pressure check and all of that with the nurse, then back to the waiting room for another 10 minutes.  All so I could have my 5-minute annual exam.  It took longer to check out and schedule next year’s exam (an exercise in futility) than it did to have the actual checkup.  I finally left at nearly 12:45.  Thank god I didn’t have screaming lunch-time kids with me.

And just to continue the rant (in case any of you are still reading), I’m trying to deal with the whole foot surgery issue.  I have it scheduled, but childcare during the weeks following is looking iffy. I can piece a few things together, but it’s minimal and I’m not sure it will be enough.  Enter the latest idea: fly to Chicago with the kids and have it done there, where the whole famn-damily can pitch in.  Good for childcare, not fun to be away from M for several weeks.  Plus, insurance is being a pain in my ass (or foot, rather).

But hey, the sun is briefly peeking out and the kids took at least a brief nap.  We’ll hit the new mall playspace so they can run around, we’ll get a tasty snack.  It’s not all bad.


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How to feel more human

I feel frumpy.  Dumpy and frumpy and schlumpy.  Bleh.  There’s plenty of reasons for that.  Weight, clothing, time, energy.  Whatever.  Standard mommy stuff, right?  But one thing stuck out as a downer that I could actually do something about in short order.

Finally, after nearly eight months, I made an appointment to get my hair done.  Ahhhhh.

Literally, my last haircut was shortly before my brother’s wedding.  Since then, it’s just been roots and stringiness and lots of ponytails.  I finally caught myself in the mirror the other day while trying on new glasses (since, um, I lost my last pair six months ago and I’m starting to get headaches).  Oh, it was just so ratty looking.  Got home and finally made the phone call.

Saturday morning, I went to see my dear hairdresser friend Joann, who doesn’t even give me too much of a hard time when I go way too long between cuts and foils.  I felt a little bad leaving right after Rebecca and M’s hospital outing of the night before, but I’m glad I did.  Nearly two hours of just sitting and having no one climbing on me or screaming at me.  It was quite nice.

And, because I’m a blog-aholic, I even took pictures.  Just for you guys.

The before - long, straggly, and roots, roots, roots.  At least the highlights are a subtle shade.  It could have been worse.

The "before" - long, straggly, and roots, roots, roots. At least the highlights are a subtle shade. It could have been worse.

Alien phase with lots of tin foil and a rotating heat lamp.

Alien phase with lots of tin foil and a rotating heat lamp.

Back at home.  Short, sassy, and blonde again.  Ahhh...

Back at home. More than six inches shorter, layered, and blonde again. Don't I feel sassy? Now I just have to learn how to wear makeup...


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Who Knew?

You know how sometimes you try and try and try to teach your kids something?  A word or a particular skill?  And they just aren’t into it.

And then there are the things that they just start doing.  That you had no idea they were capable of.  That you didn’t in any way try to teach them.

File this one under the latter.  Daniel decided yesterday that he was going to have an apple for dinner (and no pasta or anything else, for that matter). What’s funny is that I never gave him an apple. He went and found one in the bags from last weekend’s apple-picking adventure.  He grabbed it, and I saw him carrying it.  “How funny,” I thought.  “Maybe he thinks it’s a ball.”  Um yeah, and then he started eating it.  I didn’t peel it.  I didn’t cut it up.  He just straight-up ate half the damn apple.  That’s what I get for underestimating his mad skillz!


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Daddy and Rebecca’s Hospital Adventure

Last night marked our first unscheduled trip to the hospital with one of the kids.  Around 9:30pm, Rebecca woke up crying.  She does that sometimes, but I knew her teeth had been bothering her and she was just having a rough day, and it was definitely no-kidding-around kind of crying. so we decided to go get her.  Immediately, M remarked how warm she felt.  She was bright red and warm to the touch, and the thermometer confirmed a temperature of 103 (all while mid-dose of Motrin for tooth pain), despite the fact that she was almost shivering.

M asked if we should call the doctor, and I said not to bother and just go straight to our local ER. Honestly, if we called the doctor, that’s all they would have told him to do aside from Motrin/Tylenol and lukewarm baths. Might as well go straight there.  There was a brief moment of debate as to which one of us would go, or if both of us would (our friend happened to be visiting from out of town – Hi M.C.! – and offered to stay with the soundly-sleeping Daniel).  I made the quick decision that M should go, helped him pack a little bag, and off they went.

I had a few reasons for wanting M to go.  For one, he’s much more of a worrier than I am. I probably would have been OK with keeping her at home and doing the bath and the Tylenol, but I know he’d just be worried that something serious was wrong.  And if I took her, he’d be equally worried because he wouldn’t know what was going on, since we’ve discovered there’s zero cell phone reception in our hospital.

Plus, I sort of wanted him to have the opportunity to be the Daddy in Charge.  Being the full-time stay-at-home mom, I’m generally the boss when it comes to all things kid.  And while he’s a perfectly capable and certainly devoted Dad, he still tends to ask me what to do in most situations.  I wanted this to be all him, since I obviously trust his judgment and thought it might be good to gain a touch of confidence and experience.

Anyways, after a few hours and a very thorough examination, infections were ruled out and every parent’s favorite vague diagnosis was issued: probably a virus, treat the fever with Motrin and Tylenol, call if the fever stays high even on the meds.  Sleep was (and is) restless, little girl is cranky, mommy and daddy are tired (Daniel’s just peachy, thank you). Rebecca’s first late-night trip to the ER was a pretty uneventful one.


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