This morning was my twin club’s fall sale.  The sale happens twice a year, in the fall and the spring.  It’s quite a spectacle, and this was my first time as a seller.

Holy. Crap.

It really is quite something.  Setup began at 6pm on Friday, with tables and signs going up, and the first batches of people’s stuff.  It resumed at 6am Saturday, when all of the sellers were required to come and finish setup and put out everything in its proper place.  I thought I had a lot with my three big rubbermaid crates full of clothes (plus carseat and other assorted things).  Yeah, I know someone else who had at least eight crates full.  Yikes!

It was still dark when we arrived, but you couldn’t miss the sea of minivans.  The scene at all of 6:45 in the morning was a sight to behold.  A several dozen strollers, high chairs, swings, and exersaucers.  Tables full of toys.  Mountains of clothing.  Bins full of shoes, racks sagging under the weight of dresses and parkas and Halloween costumes.

And that, as I say, was at 6:45 in the morning.  There were still carloads being brought in, and doors wouldn’t open for shopping for almost three hours.  At about 8:30, those of us who were selling were allowed to start shopping.  Having remembered all of my clothing and equipment, but apparently not my checkbook or even a single dollar, I had to borrow a check from a friend to get the toys and three pairs of shoes that caught my eye.  (Thanks, K.B!)  I couldn’t even wade through the clothing and coats.  It was too overwhelming for me, and my kids are doing fine with clothing.  At 9:30, it was straight to work for the sellers – that’s when twin club members enter.  I was working in the area with all of the strollers and carseats, so all of the pregnant women made a beeline to that side of the cafeteria.  At 10, the general public joined in the madness.  I’m told there were not as many shoppers as usual, but it sure seemed like a lot to me.  And hey, someone bought my carseat, so I’m psyched.

There were over 70 people selling.  Everyone is responsible for their own tagging and setting their own prices, so identical items varied widely in price.  You could find two of the same swing, and one would be $8 while the other would be $30. Crazy.  I was definitely on the low end.  I cared more that my stuff would get taken than about how much money I would make from it.  And, though I’ve yet to see the final total, I think I did reasonably well.  I believe all of my non-clothing items sold, from carseat to unused Diaper Genie to the BundleMe’s that kept my kids warm last winter.  And though the infant clothing has a reputation for not selling well, I would say a majority of my stuff was purchased.  There was some that wasn’t, of course, but I just tossed a few of the items back into my crate at the end of the day, and donated the rest.  It felt great.  Of course, I didn’t get home until nearly 3pm, and am exhausted.  But it was a good time and nice to get rid of all that stuff.

Sadly, my house does not really feel less cluttered at the end of the day.  Sigh.  So much yet to be done.



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6 responses to “Sold!

  1. Just seeing that sea of strollers made me tired! Hope you’ve got your feet up. 🙂 [I’m with you, price to move!] Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. I was there Friday night and was overwhelmed THEN…can’t even imagine the madness on Saturday.

  3. I made a bundle when I was a seller at one of these. It’s just a ton of work to get everything ready though. Glad you survived!

  4. Hey – I’ve read your blog for awhile now – my twin girls are just a little less than a month behind your two, and you have been a sanity-saver more than once here and on HDYDI. I hate the term “lurker” but I just never had a compelling reason to post until now. I had some questions I was hoping to ask you via e-mail about the Boston area and life with twins there – if you feel comfortable with it, would you mind shooting me an e-mail (the address should have come through here) so we could chat off the blogs? Thanks! Christina

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I love the idea of this sale, and I love that there are so many sellers AND buyers. I could use something like that (to sell, not to buy)! Hmmm, I wonder if Genevieve went to the sale? I actually haven’t talked to her since I gave her the gift membership to the twin club. This reminds me, I should check in w/her!

  6. jungletwins

    Oh, I am sooooooo jealous! That sale looks awesome 🙂 I’ve always wondered what those twin sales look like, thanks for posting the pics so I can live vicariously.

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