Ikea Excursion

Today marked my second trip to Ikea with kids in tow (unless you count the time I went while pregnant and looking for cribs).  This time, however, I did it all by my lonesome.  Yes, I have a majorly independent and stubborn streak, why do you ask?  Well, as the kiddos are moving from babies to toddlers (and because we gave our remaining exersaucer to Mommy, Esq.), it was time for something new in the play space.  I wanted a kid-sized table and chairs.  While they’re still a bit small and young to sit in the chairs reliably, I figure it’s a good thing to start.

The reason this is a big-ish deal is that the Ikea in Massachusetts is really not anywhere close to me.  It’s about an hour away, which is obviously no small matter when you’re dragging along two toddlers.  This requires a plan.  The plan was to leave around 9AM (aka morning nap time) with the hopes of them sleeping in the car on the way there.  Then, hang out in the store, do our shopping, and return around 1PM (aka afternoon nap time), with the same goal in reverse.  M helped me in the morning get a bag packed with enough snacks for a small European country, and we were all set.

Well.  Sorta.

For one thing, there was rush hour traffic that extended further past the city than it really should have, so it took an hour and a half instead of an hour.  But that ended up being a good thing, since Rebecca didn’t fall asleep until at least 9:45.  But, eventually she did fall asleep, so both of them got a nice little rest before we got to the store.  Then, I realized the main flaw in my plan: I did not have 2+ hours worth of stuff to do in the store.  Having already looked online and decided what I wanted, I pretty much just walked in and found it.  And then… um…  Well, it wasn’t crowded, so then I let the kids hang out in the kiddie section for a while.  Then a snack, then a walk so I could ogle the kitchen stuff, then another snack and a diaper change, and more playing in the kiddie section…  I was killing time.  Not what I had expected, though I should have.  Anyways, we ended up having an early lunch (Daniel dug the meatballs and mashed potatoes, Rebecca only wanted applesauce), and they got downright cranky.  Wanted more freedom than I could give them.  So, we got our pallet of brightly-colored, some-assembly-required plastic (and my $1 fro yo), and away we went.

This, by the way, was the part when I fully questioned the choice to go by myself.  You know me, I’m all about doing things on my own. It’s not always easy, but I’ve got practice and I don’t shy away from taking the kids places.  Well, this was an occasion when I wish I had a third arm or something.  Mostly when it came down to the cart and all of our stuff and getting it to the car. Ikea has many delightful things, but a cart with two seats just ain’t one of ’em. But, hey, we made it.

Well, being as it was not actually nap time yet, something crazy happened…. the kids stayed awake.  In the car.  For an hour on the highway.  About halfway through the drive I realized they weren’t falling asleep, so I shifted into “keep them awake” mode.  I passed snacks (man, that will be easier when I turn those carseats around), I sang songs, I made silly noises for them to mimick.  And lo, they stayed awake.  We got home, played in the yard for a few, assembled some plastic chairs, and up they went.  And they actually took their afternoon nap, which is a rare occurence these days.  Not half bad for a crazy trip across the state.  And when they woke up…



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14 responses to “Ikea Excursion

  1. Aw, cute! We have the same chairs in fact (though we opted for the round table instead of the rectangular).

    And I’m with you…I just take the kids where ever. Sometimes it fails miserably, but mostly, I’m pleasantly surprised. And even when it fails miserably, it’s usually pretty funny once I’ve gotten a little distance 🙂

  2. I won’t even go there with the “woe is me…we don’t have an Ikea within 2,500 miles” sob story…BUT, I will say that you are one brave soldier! I am glad that it worked out and the fruits of your effort are mighty fine!

  3. I am also a “stretch my boundaries” kind of girl. It sounds insane to be proud of moments like The First Time I Took Them To The Mall with No Stroller but it’s a big deal emotionally to know you CAN do anything.

  4. I too have the table and chairs, but not those adorable cushions! Please tell me where you got them.


  5. Oh!! Just saw them on the Ikea website…Thanks again for the inspiration!

  6. Love the new table and the cushions! So cute!
    There is an IKEA five minutes from my house and I’ve been once w/ my twins. Put their carseats in an IKEA cart and went in and was told that the carts weren’t allowed upstairs (where I needed to go to buy highchairs). So I played the “twin card” – told the lady, “I’ve got four month old twins and I am using this cart as my stroller right now, so I have to take it upstairs regardless of the rules.” and then I just did it 🙂 Ha!

  7. Those cushions are TOO CUTE! Not to jinx you, but hopefully you’re starting to experience that age where you can push those boundaries and things start to fall in your favor a bit more than out.

    Although, I’m the crazy one contemplating a 6 hour one-way drive with a two year old by myself. I’m pretty certain I’m doomed for failure for taunting the good child traveler gods.

  8. Helen

    love, love the cushions!

  9. Oh those are adorable!! And go you 🙂

  10. Them: Precious. You: Rockin’ mama.
    Ikea: God-send. 🙂

  11. cat

    Chairs and table looks very cool! Just turned my little munckins around and what a difference!

  12. We still use a mini table and chairs set I picked up years ago (not from Ikea though). It’s a great investment. Bring on the play-doh and fingerpaints!

  13. I heard that they are opening a new Ikea in ….hmmm, gotta use code here….. in the town that has a Santa’s Village off the highway on the way into the city. Did you get that? If not, email me I’ll tell you.
    It’s literally 15-20 minutes from us!
    Keep your fingers crossed!

  14. Beth

    I’ve taken my (almost) 3 month olds out a couple of times by myself and what a HUGE challenge! A couple of times I’ve just turned around and driven home before I even got to my destination. Your story is inspiring! I’m going to keep trying. 🙂

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