Fat lot of good she does me

My dog, Winnie, is a Miniature Schnauzer.  She has her good points.  She’s small, she’s super friendly, plenty of energy without being insane or yippy.  Having her around means I don’t have to clean up the floor every time I feed the kids. She doesn’t shed, is good for people with allergies (i.e. my beloved, M), and when she gets shaggy (see below), the groomer gives her a haircut and all is well.  She’s really a very sweet dog.

She’s been very good with the kids, even if she hasn’t become all maternal and protective of them and instead seems like she would prefer if they weren’t around.  She’s sort of cat-like in that way.

Speaking of cat-like… Miniature Schnauzers are in the Terrier family.  Bred to chase small vermin.  She’s supposed to be a goddamn ratter.  So imagine how pleased I was to find her lounging on my couch, while my countertop is littered with mouse droppings.


OK, I know, a kitchen counter isn’t exactly the same as mouse holes in a field.  But I doubt Winnie would do any better there, either.  But couldn’t she just chase them if she sees them?

Not sure what to do about this new dilemma, but I suspect it means traps of some kind, completely purging my kitchen cabinets, and tiptoeing around in fear of a very, very small animal.  Bleh.

C’mon Winnie… earn your keep, would you?



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7 responses to “Fat lot of good she does me

  1. Yuck! We had mice in our basement last winter. We found a pest control service to be very helpful with identifying possible entry/exit areas. I think (hope) we got the cracks plugged with steel wool now, and haven’t seen any mice in months… Good luck!

  2. EW! Wow – that’s almost as bad as having a cat just sit there watching the mice play 😛

    Good luck!!!

  3. Eva

    Ew. When we were in the early days of newborns/sleep deprivation, I thought I saw a mouse in the basement. I seriously wasn’t sure if I hallucinated it or it was real. But eventually we did catch it, and basement is a bit less gross than kitchen counter. Yuck.

  4. Kiki

    Hi! I was perusing “twin blogs” on google and found yours. I really like reading your posts! I’ve never commented here before, but you mentioned mice and I thought I’d chime in. I live in a really old house, and last winter we had mice (though they chose to leave their droppings in the bread drawer, not the counter >.<). We really wanted to avoid traps or poison because of my brothers (twins :)) and my dog, who will eat anything.
    We ended up getting these nifty devices that you plug into electrical outlets. They look like a little white box and emit a very high-pitched tone/vibration, undetectable to human ears or dogs/cats. The sound annoys the mice and drives them away. Black and Decker makes them, and you can get them at most supply stores. We plugged them in all over the house (they have outlets built in to them, too, so you can still use the outlet if you need to) and in a month or so, the mice were gone. It’s cleaner than traps, less dangerous than traps, and they’ll work longer because it’ll chase the critters away and KEEP them away.
    Hope this helps you!

  5. kimbolina

    the last home we ever rented got bought out by a slum lord right after we moved in. He let the place run down ( to put it nicely) and rented to several shadier, less “hygenic” folk then I would like. After about two years of this ( it’s hard to give up a rent controlled town house) The mice came in so invasively from the adjoining units that I could catch ten in a day and still have plenty around. They would burrow through the children’s teddy bears and nest in the stove just under the burners. We bought a house and a cat to go in it just to get away from mice. Now whenever my son watches Ratatoullie I feel nauseous.

    Call an exterminator. It’s really the only way to make sure that both the adults, and any newborns inside the walls, are gone. Then go through your house with a microscope. Find any open ducts, holes, cracks, vents, and either seal them with steel wool and spray insulation or with wire mesh, something that they can not chew through!

    Good Luck

  6. Lau

    Snap! I also have a Miniature Schnauzer and I also have mice in the house. I was hoping his ratting background would mean he’d pitch in and earn his keep but he’d rather rip kitchen sponges to pieces.

    My sympathies!

  7. You and I are in the same boat, doll. Mouse droppings everywhere and I”ve never felt like a worse housekeeper or mother in my life!

    (my dog has an excuse – he’s a moose! He’d be the cartoon dog that chases a mouse and crashes into the wall, knocking all the paintings off and leaving huge cracks in the plaster.)

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