Look over there…

I wrote a post today for How Do You Do It? on kids and politics.  Check it out

In the meantime, it’s a screamy day here.  The kids are going through a melodramatic phase.  Equal intensity for “he’s trying to play with my book” and “I’ve been shot in the leg.”  Or, at least, that’s how it feels.  All of the crying wolf makes me a little slow to respond.  Which makes me feel bad to realize that Daniel is stuck under the endtable.  Whoops.  Stellar mommy day, clearly.



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3 responses to “Look over there…

  1. Man, our kids must be channeling each other. Melodramatic indeed. Add climbing EVERYTHING for Mr. J. and mommy is VERY happy she has a meeting away tonight!

  2. Rebecca

    When a friend of mine visited at 13 or 14 months, she asked me if it was always so….well, loud? Yes, yes it was. Happily, things do get quieter.

  3. My kids are still in this phase. Can’t tell if they’re annoyed or if their throats are slit. Makes me crazy.

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