Flying leap into 2003

We finally got a DVR box from our cable company shortly before the Olympics started.  And no, I’m not quite as lame as that sounds.  We had a TiVo several years ago, which a friend had gotten us as a wedding present.  And we used it, and we loved it.  But then, the day I left work on maternity leave, our TV bit the dust. So we got a fancy-schmancy new HDTV.  Which meant we needed a new HD cable box.  Which turned out to mean that the TiVo was no longer compatible.  For a year, we did without and *gasp* had to watch commercials.  I know, it was terrible.  Dark ages.  Plagues and stuff.

But Olympic swimming at 11:00pm was enough to finally make me get off my butt and get the DVR box from the cable company.  This also means, much to my delight, that I can actually record and watch real shows this fall!  While I feel like I watch a fair amount of TV, there actually aren’t a ton of network series that I make it a point to see.  In fact, there’s more “reality” TV on my list than I would like.  But I do draw the line, no crap like Big Brother or Survivor.  Never watched an episode of either show, and I don’t intend to start.  And I just can’t get into American Idol or Grey’s Anatomy.

That said, since everyone else on the internets has jumped on this bandwagon and I’m nothing if not a lemming, here’s the series my handy-dandy DVR will be recording this fall.  (And how excited am I that it will record two at once?!)

Heroes (Which hopefully will suck less than last year.)
Dancing with the Stars (I’m hooked, but I’m psyched to be able to fast-forward through the annoying results shows.)
30 Rock (Shame on me for missing the first two seasons.)
Jon and Kate Plus 8 (Such an odd addition to the list of questions that everyone asks a mom of twins: “do you watch that show with the sextuplets?”  Yes, yes I do.)
What Not to Wear (Would someone please nominate me? It’s getting desperate…)
Mad Men (Heard it’s great, haven’t watched it yet – intimidated because I don’t know the characters and it’s the 2nd season.)
Project Runway (Love it, despite the fact that I am the antithesis of fashionable.  Top Chef will also be on the list when it returns.)

Any other suggestions? Especially sitcoms that I can just jump into and don’t have to watch old seasons to understand all the back story?  I only have basic cable, so I can’t jump on any of the HBO or Showtime series.



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17 responses to “Flying leap into 2003

  1. I just got a DVR for mother’s day! I use to love Heroes…but have fallen off the bandwagon the last season or two.
    I do love Grey’s though! You should give it another shot. I have a feeling this season will be really good.
    Project Runway is awesome….and I like Shear Genius too (very similar but not as good and it just finished….)
    America’s Next Top Model is a must see in my house.
    I’m a reality TV junkie. Though like you, just cannot get into BigBrother or Survivor!

  2. Ugh, I hate Jon and Kate, especially since seeing Jon speak at the MOT national convention. They’re jerky. But I’m not opinionated or anything 😉

    You might want to try How I Met Your Mother. Very, very funny. Of course, I’m not watching this year as even with DVR, I have too many shows I like at that time (Mondays at 8:30). See, before you know it you’ll be cursing your DVR for only recording two shows at a time!

  3. I would recommend Charm School: Rock of Love. HA HA! That is going to be the best show on fall tv. If you don’t know the premise, they take all the skanks from Rock of Love (the majority of them were/are strippers) and send them to Charm School where they have to learn to be ladies. And Sharon Osbourne is the headmistress teaching them to be ladies. The true definition of irony.

    On a serious note, LOST. It’s technically winter TV so you have time to get all 4 seasons on netflix and catch up before this season starts. I think that is my all-time fave show ever.

  4. Marci

    How I met your mother is a great sitcom – Monday nights – not sure if it’s back yet this week. Also love Ugly Betty, the Office, & Entourage in addition to some on your list (Mad Men and 30 Rock are awesome!). Checked out Fringe last night – very X-files like – was good if you want a new show. And I heart Biggest Loser… there are more but I’ll stop myself. I watch A LOT of TV.

  5. I’m also a huge How I Met Your Mother fan and The Office is great.

    I’m still DVRing Jon and Kate plus 8, but I must say that their blatant advertising (ie: Last weeks episode with the V-tech system) is sometimes annoying. BUT, I’ll continue to watch it….probably until it goes off the air.

    I agree that Mad Men looks interesting. I’d like to check it out this season.

  6. Oh man – I almost stopped reading when you slammed Survivor. Die hard fan since day 1 *grin*

    I am a HUGE fan of How I Met Your Mother. Mike and I laugh so hard while watching that one. 🙂 Also try Psych and Monk (these are on USA, but I think they’re coming to network TV?) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these two (the series stopped for the season, but if you DVR the reruns, you’ll catch up in no time. . .That’s what Mike and I did over the summer… no real need to “catch up” though, you’d be able to follow along from whenever.)

    And ya. Heroes better be better this season.

    Can’t wait for Chuck to start again either.

    Ghost Hunters seems to be a favorite in our house as well (reality TV – these guys go in and try to scientifically debunk alleged hauntings.)

    Okay. I watch too much TV. I could go on. *blush*

  7. Comedies: The Office. Hands down my favorite show.

    Guilty pleasure: The new 90210. Seriously, it’s so bad I find myself falling in love with it.

    Hoping it’s as good as I want it to be: Lipstick Jungle. Had great potential last year, but was cut short by the writer’s strike.

    And I’m sadly addicted to Lost even though I feel like it’s totally going down the time travel road that I REALLY didn’t want to be the answer. Oh well…

  8. I also want to add my vote for The Office and Ugly Betty. The other one I really love is Pushing Daises. I also totally love What Not to Wear and Project Runway, and I just started watching Top Design. It is very much like Project Runway for interior decorators, complete with the tall, blonde, accented hostess. OH! Also So You Think You Can Dance, but I think that is a summer show.

    Okay, I officially watch too much TV!

  9. Oh Mad Men is SOOOO wonderful! Get the DVD set from the first season (our library just got ’em!) and dive on in!

    30 Rock is wonderful, we love E!’s “The Soup” and I am embarrassingly fully-on the Charm School:Rock of Love countdown wagon! 😉

  10. Lisa

    The Office
    The Office
    The Office
    …and did I say, The Office?

  11. awiley

    I’m already a big nerd and excited about new tv, so I’ve got my list at the ready:

    Heroes — the reviews I’ve seen say that it DOESN’T suck this year. I’m excited.

    Agree on Lost when it comes back, as well as The Office, 30 Rock (seriously, I’m amazed you didn’t watch the first twoseasons — LOVE Tina Fey!), Entourage (so far so good this season). I watched the Fringe pilot & the first two episodes of True Blood, and both at least seem to be worth another watch.

    My personal fave is of anything currently on TV is Dexter. After watching Season 1 on DVDs, we got Showtime to watch Season 2 on-demand, and I’ve been craving Season 3 for months now. I know the content can be a turnoff for some people, but as long as the little ones are tucked in bed I give it a HUGE thumbs up.

  12. awiley

    oh, and file this under old sitcoms: I can watch Arrested Development over and over and over again. Sadly it’s cancelled so no new shows to DVR, but the entire series is available on and on DVD.

  13. Marci

    I have more to add if you can believe it… If you want a guilty pleasure, nothing beats Gossip Girl. The Starter Wife (first season last year) comes back soon too – it was surprisingly good. And Mad Men btw is on demand here on Lifestyle On Demand – probably the same channel for you – don’t know how far back it goes, but you should at least be able to start at the beginning of this season. Ed just plugged House. Yes, I know we have a problem.

  14. Krissy


  15. I am adding my vote for The Office. I am probably the biggest fan there is. It’s got so much more heart than the BBC version (which was good, too).

    I’m also liking Fringe, and it’s early enough where you can get right in on the backstory (I just caught the pilot tonight on and now have tonight’s episode DVR’d). And I’m DVRing the new 90210, although my personal jury is still out on that show.

    Like you, I’m also watching Project Runway and Heroes. Oh and I love What Not to Wear. I don’t think you need to be nominated — have you SEEN what those women are wearing?! (You’re not wearing flannel PJ pants with cats printed on them outside the house … are you? Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t ask … just this morning, I ventured to Coffee Bean with Jack, unshowered, wearing sweat pants, a T shirt, unmatching flip-flops and a sweatband to hold my bangs off my forehead.) It would be really nice to get a $5,000 shopping spree and makeover.

    OK, I digress. Other shows I DVR include Fox’s Sunday night lineup: King of the Hill (so funny!), American Dad, Family Guy. Johnny still DVRs the Simpsons, but that’s lost its humor for me.

    Happy DVRing! I’m getting stressed this week because i have too many new episodes built up in my DVR inbox.

  16. To Marci — that’s a lot of TV-watching for two lawyers, no? 😉

  17. Hiya!

    USA Network has several underrated shows – you can jump into any episode of Psych.

    Here’s what I record:

    Psych – no-brainer plot, great dialogue
    Burn Notice – great plot and characters (Bruce Campbell for President)
    Scrubs – it’s in its last season, but it’s syndicated. You can start recording when it turns over to Season 1.
    Bones – this is my favorite show.
    Nanny 911 – hey if nothing else, MY kids aren’t that bad!
    Project Runway – no shame!

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