Our House (in the middle of our yard)

Alright, so I know you all remember the saga of the birthday present my mom wanted to get for the kids, right? Well, she would not be swayed, and was dead-set on this being their present.  So she finally ordered it online, shipping charges be damned, and it arrived about a week or so ago.  Yesterday, good friends of ours came over with their kids to help us set it up.

It’s quite a multi-purposed structure.  On the inside is what appears to be a store, complete with cash register, safe, and security camera. I guess they’re worried someone is going to try to rob the plastic playhouse?

The outside is totally schizophrenic.  The front facade is red brick, with a bell on top, and you have the choice of decals to decide if it’s a school house or a fire house (M, without hesitation, said it was a fire house).  (I only realized after the fact that there was another set of decals in French – missed opportunity!)  Also, um, the two men involved just started putting it together before reading the instructions.  Hence, M inside the tiny house with a screwdriver, after the fact.

One side of the exterior is a gas station, which includes (oddly) a phone.  A phone that just hangs on the side of the structure, but isn’t actually connected. A cordless fake phone. On the outside of an outdoor play structure. We pretty much lost it within an hour.  (In the picture, it should be to the right of Daniel… but it’s probably in the bushes somewhere.  Maybe the security camera caught it?)

The opposite side is a market, complete with an ATM.  And an arrow, directing cars… is it a drive-thru and I somehow missed that?  And the back…  Opposite the “fire house” facade?  A basketball hoop. And possibly a soccer net. And numbers, presumably for a game that I’m not actually familiar with.

It’s odd, it’s as though someone thought of every imaginary play space and just threw it all into one structure.  But hey, who am I to complain?  It’s cute, and hopefully the kids will enjoy it for any number of years. Thanks, Mom! There’s still some debate as to where exactly in the yard it will live, but we’ll figure it out.  Just in time for winter, probably…

Oh, and in true toddler form, the box it came in was equally well-loved as a toy by our fellow twins and playmates.  Thanks to Rebecca and family for coming over to assemble and play!



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8 responses to “Our House (in the middle of our yard)

  1. I’d love to have a fire station/ATM/gas station/school house/basketball & soccor court – why do they only invent this stuff for kids? It’s good to catch a glimpse of Rebecca’s kids!

    I definitely have the song “our house, is a very, very fine house” stuck in my heard.

  2. Now you need a car for that little gas pump!
    You have like a “little people village” out your backyard….do you have kids or something?

  3. Holy COW! That thing has EVERYTHING!!

    Left a little something for you on my blog. 🙂

  4. Truly, that amalgam is hysterical! You know they will love it (and that box) for a long, long time.

    Now if only it came with a staffed pedicure booth for Mommies… 😉

  5. Rebecca

    We had a blast! What’s better than a pretty day and a project, really? (Besides that staffed pedicure booth for Mommies).

  6. Helen

    Another of Mommy Esq’s friends and myself went on an excursion to the Toys R Us in Salem, NH yesterday (I had flash backs to your post-Noooo, never get on 93 on a Friday afternoon past 2:30 pm)

    We picked out the most amazing kitchen for her 2 year old nieces birthday. So many fabulous choices, so many cool gadgets. Although I must say, your playhouse (or should I say Daniel and Rebecca’s playhouse) is WAY cooler than I could have even imagined. Hours and Hours of future fun!

  7. LOL – the security camera is my favorite! Oh, and I think the numbers on the side are for “pitching practice,” you know, toss the ball and try to hit each number. Maybe? Well, I’m sure Rebecca is already working on her fast pitch, so it may come in handy…

  8. Wow, that is a hilarious playhouse! I bet it’s manufactured by the same people who design those gated communities, where you just walk out your front door to get to the bank, market, playground, etc. 🙂 Oh, and I cracked up at the security camera. Who thinks of these things?!

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