T is for Tedious

In my spare moments when the kids are sleeping, I’m plodding my way through the bins of baby clothes and tagging them for my twin club’s fall sale.  It’s hideously tedious work. Pick up an item, write my name, a description, the size, and a price on the tag… twice.  Cap the marker so I don’t stain my guest bed’s comforter, jab the super-sharp tagging gun into the cloth.  Fold and put in appropriate bin.  REPEAT.  AGAIN. AND AGAIN.  I’ve got two diaper boxes and one big rubbermaid container filled already, it has to be at least 100 individual items so far.

And I still need to go through the preemie-to-3-month box, and then do a sweep through the drawers and closets for the stragglers.  And even that hasn’t started on the larger items like one of the carseats, a Baby Bjorn, two exersaucers, and various assorted other baby stuff around the house.  It’s a little overwhelming, and I’m glad there’s still two more weeks until the sale.

It feels a little gluttonous, sorting through all of these clothes.  The sheer volume is amazing, and it’s sad, bordering on embarrasing, how many things were never worn at all, or only worn once.  So many were gifts from even before the kids were born, and the sizes and seasons just ended up being wrong (tricky to estimate correctly, since Rebecca is always a size “behind”).  But I’m pricing them pretty cheap (most shirts and pants are $1.00), and I hope some other family can get good use out of them.  I’m not exactly going into the sale with the hopes of bringing home big bucks.  I don’t feel the universe owes me some refund when I’m done with the clothes that we bought.  But hey, if I can make a few dollars here and there, why not? It can go towards this year’s fall/winter wardrobe, right?

I’ve come across a few items that have made me a little bit sentimental, but I may yet still stick a tag on ’em and sell them.  They’re cute, I remember the kids wearing them, but why would I keep them?  We’ll see.  I’ll go through the boxes again before the sale just in case there’s some I want to keep at the last minute.



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3 responses to “T is for Tedious

  1. Oh my gosh…..this post could have been written from my living room, next to the two racks and multiple bins of tagged clothes for the twins sale TOMORROW! I’m so sick of sorting, tagging, and hanging clothes. I’ve given away most of our equipment and probably half of the clothes and I can’t believe I still have this much stuff to sell. People were very generous with gifts, especially 0-3 month stuff. I will be glad to get the clothes to a manageable level!

    Good luck! I just hope I make more $$ than I spend buying everyone else’s stuff! 🙂


  2. Wow, I just realized that our twins are just 2 days apart. I also have b/g twins.

    I just love this bloggin’ stuff. 🙂


  3. cat

    I have suggested this to our twin group – can you believe we have never done this. We will have our first sale on the 27th.

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