Sippy Cup Redux

I don’t know if you could tell by my generally pleasant blog-demeanor, but I am actually a horrible mother.  The meanest, actually, in the whole wide world. Not only do I refuse to let them do things like crawl straight off the bed or eat dog food, but I’ve now sunk to a new low.  I have begun intentionally starving Rebecca.  That’s right, I decided my tiny little girl was getting entirely too much food, so I’ve started withholding it.

OK, maybe not so much withholding as creating obstacles to it.

Or, you know, less obstacle than simply not the preferred vessel.

See, here’s the thing.  Rebecca is quite capable of drinking out of a sippy cup. Will, in fact, sit for five minutes at a stretch and drain it of water or apple juice.  She also seems to enjoy milk.  If it’s in a bottle, she will suck it down.  Apparently there is no transitive property of toddler beverages, however, because if you combine the desired milk with the otherwise acceptable sippy cup, this does not equal Rebecca drinking milk from a sippy cup.  In fact, she takes the cup, has one swallow, realizes it’s milk, and turns up her nose and pushes the cup away.  Oh my lord, she is one stubborn girl.

We started doing the whole milk/cup transition several weeks ago.  The switch from formula to milk went just fine.  Over the course of a few days I mixed the old formula with the new milk until the balance shifted to milk, and voila.  No problem.  Then, one morning, instead of handing them a bottle of milk, I handed them cups.  Daniel just kind of shrugged and drank his milk.  Rebecca gave it the big “no thank you.”  We also kept the bedtime bottle, which may have been my downfall.  Rebecca is very good at exploiting weaknesses, and probably realized she could just hold out until the end of the day.  Which she did.

It was frustrating during the day when she wanted milk but flat-out refused it. I tried new cups. I tried straws. She would not be fooled. And then, we went on vacation, so I just kind of threw up my hands and went back to bottles of milk.  But we’re back home now, and just plain done with those bottles.  Not to mention the milk-instead-of-formula is making them extra funky to clean.  And the other day, Rebecca decided to actually take a few knowing swigs of milk from a cup.  “That’s it!,” I declared.  And yesterday I vowed that we were on to 100% sippy cups.  She has had almost no milk in the last 24 hours.

So, this morning, I believe she declared me “meanest mommy on earth.”  First, I tried to give her that blasphemous sippy cup full of organic whole milk.  Grr.  Then, just to add insult to injury, we were out of bananas for breakfast, so I put canteloupe on her tray.  THE HORROR!  But, eventually, the evil mommy will break her spirit, and she will drink her goddamn milk out of her goddamn sippy cup. And maybe even give her canteloupe again tomorrow. Mean, mean, mean.

I guess you don’t have to wonder where she got the stubborn thing from, huh?



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16 responses to “Sippy Cup Redux

  1. Eva

    We have a stubborn Mama and a stubborn daughter at our house, too. It doesn’t get easier, and they just get wilier! Hang in there.

  2. One of many more to come growing pains.
    I don’t know who it’s worse for…the child or parent? My vote is the parent!
    Good luck!

  3. Oh just wait until they tell you that you are mean! That is the worst.

    She’ll get over it, she’s just testing boundaries. Welcome to toddlerville!

  4. Seeing a glimpse into my soon to be future. Good luck with the cups!!!!

  5. For some reason I always expect little girls to be more willful than boys (when you have a mix). I know my little girl has much more of an attitude then Ned. I can just envision those willfull teenage years. 🙂

  6. What a funny post! Too cute. She’ll come around eventually, and then she’ll find something else to battle you about.

    I’m pretty sure I’m in for it one of these days, even though I have a boy (SUPPOSEDLY they are easier). I did a lot of back-talking to my mom, and they say what goes around comes around…

  7. Oh no… you’re scaring me for my soon to come milk & sippy cup transition! Aidan will be 12 months on the 25th and I’m going to start 1 cup/day & increase every few days. Yikes! And you’re sooo not mean! : )

  8. LOL, my mom used to beat us to the punch too – declaring herself a mean mommy. I’ve heard myself say it too.

    You go girl. Stick to your guns! I just realized the other day that hey! Logan is actually drinking milk! From a sippy! When the hell did that happen?? It snuck up on me.

  9. Lol, my mom’s favorite saying was always “life isn’t fair!” because (growing up with three sisters) we were like a broken record… “how come she gets the blue cup? It’s not faaaair.”

    Ah, kids. Makes me almost forget I want one… 😉


  10. Tara

    Ah, the trials and tribulations! Just wait until your otherwise sweet daughter starts scratching, hitting and biting for no apparent reason! Well, hopefully she won’t, but that’s what I’m dealing with these days. Good luck! And just remember that you’re only doing what’s best for them.

  11. Tyrannical Twin Mommies, UNITE! 😉

    Were it not for “withholding” diapers at 2.5, my now seven year olds I am confident would to this be disinterested in potty training.

    I’m seeing a future resplendent in car key withholding, phone and computer withholding….

    Hang in there…you are a WONDERFUL Mommy!

  12. If we all listened to our toddler’s reviews of our performance, we’d all stop having kids! For the record, you’re going a great job.

    A friend had a lot of trouble getting her guy to transition to a sippy. What worked for her was the sports bottle. He loved them. She used a sports-top bottle for a couple of weeks and then was able to move on to a sippy cup and you would have thought he’d never seen one before when she reintroduced it.

    Good luck!

  13. kimbolina

    Ha ha ha that’s too funny…the first time I gave my twins water at betime instead of milk my bitty boy chucked the bottle right at my head. After about a week of dodging flying objects he finally transitioned. Now he throws other things at me because I gues watching me duck and run is pretty freekin hilarious.

    ps. the gatorade bottle thing works really well, as do the sippy’s with straws instead of sippers.

  14. HAHAHAHA! You know, I firmly believe that when it comes to feeding toddlers, you’ve just got to stand strong and NOT BEND. Do not let them sense your fear or hesitation. 🙂

  15. I thought Faith was going to dehydrate herself the first two weeks of sippy cups only. She ended up drinking a lot of water, just not milk. I too, felt like a mean mommy!

  16. I’m sorry, but the title of “meanest mommy in the world” actually belongs to me.

    I even have a song about it, when I know they’re going to say it; “I’m the meanest mommy ever. . .” sung to the tune of “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

    Don’t worry. She’ll transition. And I’ll check in on you when she turns about 12. hee hee. You two will have more lovely turns like this ahead.

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