We have a walker!

We were at our friends’ house, visiting and making dinner for them since they’re now expecting their third child.  Rebecca has been more and more confident with standing in the last week, and very insistent on me or M helping her walk around, but I wasn’t sure how soon she’d up and do it on her own.  Even when she was standing on her own, she preferred to do so while holding onto a beach ball.  I’m not sure why.

Anyways, yet again, animals provided the final push of motivation.  When she first crawled, it was in an attempt to chase the dog.  This time, she was already standing with her hands on our friends’ long-suffering cat.  The cat decided to go elsewhere, and Rebecca was so focused on it, that she just went right along.  We all cheered wildly, and proceeded to make her walk back and forth between us for the rest of the day.

Yikes!  A walker! We’ll see if she remembers her newfound ability tomorrow morning, or how long it takes her to just do it on her own.  I suspect it won’t be long and she’ll be tearing around the house on two legs shortly. That also busts my initial prediction that Daniel, though he crawled more than two months later than Rebecca, would be the first walker.  Ah well.  No rush, really!  I may have to bust out those little backpacks sooner than I thought…



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11 responses to “We have a walker!

  1. Go Rebecca!! Who knew a cat would provide proper motivation? 🙂

    We just purchased those little backpacks – I think they are adorable!

  2. WOO HOOO! That’s so cool 🙂

  3. Eva

    I LOVE the photos of her, she looks so joyful about it.

  4. yay rebecca, way to go!

  5. cat

    Congratulations! You go Rebecca!

  6. How wonderful – she seems so proud of herself and I bet you are too!

  7. Prepare yourself!
    Who needs a gym membership when you have twin walkers?

  8. Rebecca

    OMG, how cute!!! Welcome to the world of walking babies… 🙂

  9. Awww she is so cute. I am not looking forward to the walking stage.

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go, Rebecca! She’s a trail-blazing gal, that one is. 🙂 I’m sure Daniel will follow very soon. Forget the backpacks; you should have them permanently attached to you. Ha!

    You know, it’s funny. When Jack first began standing and walking, he also insisted on holding onto his blue beach ball. I wonder if it helps them keep their balance?

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