That Un-Sentimental Feeling

One part of my big de-cluttering effort is to get things ready for my twin club’s semi-annual sale.  This will be my first time selling, but of course, also my first time with a critical mass of stuff that I’m done with.  Last night I started going through the first pile of outgrown clothing.  It’s incredible how much there is.  Easily four big Rubbermaid totes full.  My initial sorting criteria is simply “eligible for fall sale” and “not eligible for fall sale.”  As the sale is already large and packed to the gills, the request is for only season-appropriate items.  Swimsuits and tank tops just aren’t going to sell in Massachusetts in the fall.  So anything short-sleeved, summer-y, or stained from the months of prune-juice-influenced spitup goes in the “ineligible” pile.  I say “eligible,” because I haven’t yet put price tags on anything, and reserve the right to keep some of my favorites.

Here’s the interesting thing: as much as I look at some of these shirts and things and say “oh, I loved this one, she was so cute in it!”…  I don’t find myself with any real pull to keep any of it.  Maybe it’s because we’re most likely done having kids, and even if we aren’t, I’m not going to store it all on the off chance that we have another kid three years from now.  Maybe it’s because much of it, while super cute, was purchased on sale from Old Navy, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting a ton of money.  Maybe it’s because I’m just not into hand-me-downs.  Maybe it’s because I have nearly 5,000 pictures from their first year and nearly every outfit they wore is well-documented.  Or maybe it’s because they’re just clothes.

I don’t want to kick myself down the road, wishing I had kept some of this stuff.  Kept it, maybe, just so I could pull it out of the attic every now and then and marvel at how tiny they once were and see if there’s a little whiff of baby scent still on there.  But then what?  I still have my bouquet from my wedding, but it’s just sitting there in a box in a closet.  I’m never going to do anything with it, but haven’t been able to make myself throw it away.  Will I be the same way with the baby clothes, or shouldn’t I just bring them to the twin sale and donate whatever doesn’t sell?  Let someone else marvel at how adorable their child is in that little shirt.

So, we’ll see what happens when I actually put a price tag on these little things.  I’m sure there will be some that I keep, but I think the most are getting passed along.  I don’t even much care about making a lot of money, I just want to free up the space.  Like anything, it’s a little bittersweet to be done with some of the “baby” stuff.  But at the same time, would I really go back if I could?  Not a chance.  Let the tagging begin.



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8 responses to “That Un-Sentimental Feeling

  1. I’ve kept one outfit per boy per size and everything else has been handed down. I try to keep nice outfits – the ones that are really special to us. It comes from not having anything from my child except pics… I’d love to put N&A in just one leisure suit Jon’s mom dressed him in.

  2. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not that sentimental. Yes, I kept a few of the “baby” outfits (ie: the ones they came home from the hospital, ones for church dedication, first christmas) but other than that….I didn’t save…..of course, much of it got destroyed in a flood…..but I’m not that heart broken. My mom saved a bunch of my stuff when I was a baby and I’ve never looked back at them. I gave them all to my neices for their dolls.
    As for the sale….sell away baby!
    I only sold 1x and I made a killing. $300+
    I haven’t sold since then b/c I don’t really have the time anymore to do all that stuff. Now I just hand them down to my friends in the twin club w/boys a year younger…..or I donate it to a shelter a neighbor helps run.
    Enjoy the sale. I had a blast at it!

  3. I wish I felt like you did. Nearly every outfit I put away saddens me. It broke my heart to think I’ll never see it worn again. It’s partly the reason we know we’ll have more kids 🙂

    Good luck with the sale, hope you make lots of $$!

  4. Penny and Ned are happy to take cast-offs – especially since they are in the same age/season as your littles ones last year. 🙂

  5. i have a few outfits that i plan on making into a quilt for them to drag around. all of them are ones i can distinctly recall from some occasion. the rest were ruthlessly culled, off to the goodwill as my boys destroy clothing as a daily project. not that it is good to give destroyed clothing to the goodwill…but at least it goes somewhere. and it is not that bad…just a tad used. i love that we can let it go. my newest project is to buy less clothing and let them really use what they have.

    good luck at the twin sale. i have to get to our next one. funny. i connect more with my blog twin mamas than my irl ones. is that weird?

  6. Oh, I have a sweater box under the kids’ bed that has outfits I can’t part with in it…but these are things that are either hand-made for them, or that just bring FLOODS of memories (Maggie’s cute little boots that she treasured at 1 year old, but still tried to give to my grandmother on her deathbed…I’m sure to make her feel better). There are BUNCHES of things that I just chuck into diaper boxes for the next kid though. Wish I could sell at the sale – my sisters would kill me though 😛

  7. Oh fun! I’ll be selling too!

    My favorite outfits I hand down to friends rather than save. Like you, I think we’re done having kids and I just can’t see holding on to them forever. But I like knowing who has my favorites, rather than selling them 🙂

    The sale is a LONG two days, but fun. See you there!

  8. kimbolina

    almost all of my kids baby clothes are packed up and ready for my sister’s new little one or goodwill respectively…i only kept a few special things from their first year which I cut into swatches and turned into quilts for them. I am so not having any more babies, and i don’t kid myself that they will want a box of 25 (!) year old sleepers when they grow up and have their own kids

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