Out of sorts

I’m just not feeling 100% right now.  The last few days have felt kind of out of control.  My house is cluttered and messy.  The kids are clingy and screamy.  M is home sick.  Naps are being skipped.  Things are buzzing around in my head, but nothing quite wants to become a real blog post.

I think de-cluttering my house will be a major improvement… as soon as I can find the energy to do it.  My twin club’s sale is coming up, so that’s a major incentive to go through all of the old baby clothes and gear.  I also need to do a major clothing purge of my own, to get rid of the piles of things that I haven’t worn since well before I got pregnant, not to mention all the maternity clothes.  I can’t keep them around on the outside chance that I might have more kids at some point down the line.  If I do, I can just get a new pair of jeans.  Seriously.

But all is not lost.  In between screaming and tantrums, the kids are pretty funny these days.  Today I slid Rebecca down the slide on our swingset, and she thought it was hilarious.  Then, she realized she could climb back up.  It took her a few tries, but she kept going right back to it, until she climbed all the way to the top.  And Daniel just never stops talking.  He’s so expressive and has so much to say… I just wish I knew what it was.

Going up?

Going up?

Almost to the top...

Almost to the top...

Daniel goes for a ride on his car.

Daniel goes for a ride on his car.

(Thanks again to Snick for letting us have M&R’s old toys… they love them!)



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11 responses to “Out of sorts

  1. You take such beautiful pictures. I should take lessons…

    Sorry you’re feeling out of sorts. I think I was resigned to just block all things messy a long time ago 😉

    Looks like a kick-butt swing set!!

  2. awiley

    R looks very cute in her future wildcat shirt!

  3. Funnily enough, right when you said, “I’m just not feeling 100% right now,” I thought: “I wonder if she’s pregnant.” 🙂 It’s kind of like when you’re wathing a movie and a female character says she’s sick, you just wonder right away, lol.

    Anyway, love the pics!
    🙂 becky

  4. Your kiddos are too cute!! I have my out of sorts days, hopefully it will pass for you quickly!


  5. Sorry you’re feeling out of sorts. 😦 I need to declutter our apartment, too. I can’t bear to part with my maternity clothes yet, but I did lend them out to a pregnant friend to clear the space temporarily!

    I love R’s Wildcats shirt.

  6. Rebecca

    When did your kids get so BIG?! Seriously, climbing the slide?!

  7. Oh my lord, Becky. Don’t say such things!!! Gah!

  8. Ha, ha, ha! I thought the same thing! 🙂

    I hope things are getting back to normal!

  9. Helen

    I feel totally out of sorts too! I think it’s the change in seasons, and the fact that I’ve just gone back to work after my lengthy (but well deserved) school vacation. Teaching nine years feels like Groundhog’s Day- since I do the same thing, at the same time every year….Usually I like the predictability, not this year for some reason. Maybe it’s time for a change….or I should declutter my house too!

  10. Sorry so sick, but I saw you on mom blog and had to come for a visit… You’re babes are adorable…

  11. Catching up on blog reading a bit . . . glad to see the toys getting used by your gorgeous duo.

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