Hello from Virginia

We are having a great time on vacation so far. The travel was a little hairy, but we made it. The house we’ve rented is working out well, and spending time with friends we don’t see often is a blast. Only a quick update for today, since we opted to bring the Wii instead of a laptop and I’m making use of WordPress for the iPhone…

As is required on a vacation like this, we’re eating and drinking ourselves silly. Our house is perfectly located across the street from the beach, which removes a lot of the hassle from bringing the kids there between naps and meals. Not surprisingly, Daniel is not a fan of being near the waves, while Rebecca was ready to jump right in.

I’m taking plenty of pictures, but with the whole laptop thing, you’ll just have to wait until we get home for the good ones. For now, just the iPhone pics from this evening…

(P.S. Head over to http://www.mommyesq.com and say congrats, because her babies were scheduled to come today! Haven’t seen an update, but I hope everything went well.)



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2 responses to “Hello from Virginia

  1. sounds like you are really enjoying your trip! the iphone takes wonderful pictures!

  2. Ok, now I’m seriously impressed – you’re using wordpress on your iphone?!

    The pictures are great. Thanks for the update!

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