Last-minute prep

Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn.  So, naturally, I haven’t started packing yet!  But I do have lists.  Oh boy, do I have lists.  I have lists of lists.  They haven’t made it to spreadsheet form yet, but the day is young.  I’ve got a packing list for the kids, a packing list for me and M, a packing list for our carry-on.  A list for groceries.  A master to-do list.  A list for the dog, who is being dropped off at a friend’s house.  Said friend is really saving me, since my last-minute call to the kennel yielded a new response: they were full until Monday.  But we leave Saturday.  Doh!  Thankfully, this friend thought it would be fun to have a dog for the weekend, so lucky me and lucky Winnie!  But, in the meantime, she needs a bath and I need to find her portable crate.

I really need to make an effort not to over-pack.  I need to think minimal. Not my strong suit, but I’ll try.  Especially with all of the fees the airlines are so eager to charge these days.  But we have three tickets and are therefore entitled to 3 checked bags.  Thank god our friends are driving and have extra Pack & Plays…

Alright, enough talking.  Time for laundry!  And packing!  And giving the dog a bath!  Wohoo!

Oh, and the house we’re renting supposedly has wireless internet access, so I’ll see if I can’t bring a laptop and post updates from the beach.  I’ll bring my camera’s USB cable and take pictures of my frosty beverages.  It’ll be awesome.



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8 responses to “Last-minute prep

  1. kimbolina

    While part of me is very jealous of you, another part of me is Thanking God that it isn’t me!

    PS. most airlines let you check your baby gear regardless of how many bags you’re allowed. Last time we flew we were allowed to check our stroller, carseat/s, and our pack’n play, in addition to our checked luggage at no extra fee.

    Have a good trip.

  2. one word: jealous! 🙂

  3. You are quite the jet-setter!
    If I wasn’t petrified of flying, I’d be jealous!

  4. Awww…you are a girl after my own heart! I’m a lists-of-lists lady also.

    I know! What is it about ‘vacation’ that is SO hard? The days (or, hours!) leading up to are the busiest.

    I hope that you all have a blast! You deserve it!

    P.S. How’s the limp?

  5. Eva

    That’s funny. We’re just ending our vacation and I still haven’t posted the photo I took before I left of all my lists! I even PDF’ed my spreadsheet but haven’t gotten it up yet. Hope your packing goes more quickly than mine did (of course at this moment I’m avoiding repacking for the trip home).

  6. blogoffanddie

    A guy goes up to the airline ticket booth to get a flight to New York.
    “I want a flight to New York but, I want this bag to go to Los Angeles and this other bag to Miami.” The clerk replies, “Sorry, sir, I’m afraid our airline can’t do that for you.”
    The man replies, “Why not? You did it the last time I flew to New York.”

  7. I’m right with you on making lists.

    Hope the trip is great!

  8. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Have a frosty drink for me! I hope you guys had a wonderful flight. Take lots of pics!

    Oh, and I want to tell you: Thank you for the pesto suggestion. Turns out Jack also LOVES pesto! He ate, like, a whole cup of fettucine with pesto sauce today. Go figure!

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