I need a vacation

It’s been a rough couple of days over here.  It started with the whole Toys-R-Us debacle on Monday.

Tuesday was not a ton better.  It started off with a bang, as the dog decided to find poop in the yard (not her own), eat it, and then throw up all over my first floor.  Delightful.  I’m so glad I took that 6 years to convince M we should get a dog.  I then had to go to the doctor for my foot.  We still don’t know what’s wrong with it, but now it hurts more than before.  The doctor said he’d take an x-ray and see me back in 3 weeks.  Lovely.  I’ll limp until then.  Had a nice lunch with a wonderful friend of mine who is 30+ weeks pregnant with her first baby, despite Daniel throwing his sandwich all over the floor.

Daniel then completely skipped his afternoon nap, and was not a happy camper later in the afternoon while the plumber was here (again!), trying to make my bathtub drain properly.  But I had my monthly twin club meeting last night, which was lots of fun (and blog-tastic, with Mommy, Esq.36 weeks pregnant, c-section on Monday!!! – and Nancy in attendance).  I stayed entirely too late, but it was worth it.  Until I got pulled over on the way home.  For a damn expired license plate.  So guess what I got to do all morning today? Yay, RMV and unpaid Boston parking tickets.

Hopefully, though, this is all just to make me appreciate the upcoming week even more.  Because on Saturday morning, we leave (at the crack of dawn) for a week in Virginia Beach with some dear friends and their two kids.  We rented a house on the beach, how cool will this be?!  One 10-month-old, two 12-month-olds, and one nearly-3-year-old.  And anywhere between four and six adults, depending on the day.  Sure, the trip presents some new logistical challenges, since it’s the first time we’re not primarily staying with family who can shop ahead and all of that.  But I think it will be great, and if not totally relaxing, at least lots of fun.  And if we can get the stars to align just so, I might even be able to meet up with Cheryl!  Blogosphere and real world collide!

Now, I just have to do laundry… and make a grocery list… and pack… and make a reservation for the dog at the kennel….  oy.

In completely unrelated, but incredibly cute, news… Rebecca is getting a big kick out of playing peekaboo by herself:

Where's Rebecca?

Where's Rebecca?

There she is!

There she is!



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7 responses to “I need a vacation

  1. You got pulled OVER?? Oh geez. That totally sucks. At least it wasn’t for speeding. 😉

    I’m so jealous of your vacation!! I’m sure you are going to have a blast – even if it is a bit hectic at times.

    And lordy – That Rebecca is too cute.

  2. I sure do hope your vacation is a smashing success…it does indeed sound like you could use one!

    I am glad you have something to look forward to…a while trip with dual-parenting! Hope you guys get to slip away for a mini-date after the kids are in bed! Nothing like strolling the beach at night.

  3. Make sure someone is taking babygates! It is amazing how quickly they all can get into things! Hope your week goes smoother and that you have a great vacation!

  4. You poor thing! Of course everything has to happen all at once, right? Is Winnie OK? It’s so upsetting when dogs puke — the sound is just awful, and I find it to be the hardest thing to clean up! Ick.

    Have fun at the beach! That does sound like a really good time. Make sure you guys have plenty of wine/beer/any type of alcohol on hand, for after the kiddos go to bed! 🙂

  5. VA Beach is supposed to be very nice. I think beach and kids definitely mix – and hopefully the water is warm enough for them to splash around. And you’ll have M to help you the whole time, right? Maybe you can get some relaxing in too!

  6. I recently found your blog and love reading it. And I have realized we have a few things in common… Our twins were born on the same day, and we are from Chicago, and it seems like you lived here at some point too.
    It is nice knowing others are going through simliar things and having days like we do here.
    Have a great trip!!

  7. You are EVER-so deserving of a vacation! And Sister, I say the collision of blogsphere and real-world is ON! Will email you tomorrow…with some rendezvous possibilities/locales. Told my tots we might get a chance to meet your tots (whom they’ve ogled appreciatively online, as have I) all are excited. 🙂 (Especially me. 🙂 )

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