Ask the Daddy

Alright, blogosphere, I’m asking for your help.

If you read How Do You Do It?, my other blog, you may have noticed we’ve had a couple of daddies do guest posts recently.  I asked M if he wanted to join in.  Somewhat to my surprise, he actually is more than willing, and even somewhat intrigued by the idea.  As someone who isn’t normally into blogging, writing, or really much of any concentrated self-reflection, however, he is drawing a blank on what to write about.  [I don’t mean to suggest he is not one to be thoughtful, I only mean he’s not the journal-about-my-feelings type…]

So, want to help a daddy out?  Leave a comment with a possible topic, or even a question or set of questions I could use to “interview” him!  What have you always wanted to know about the mysterious Mr. M?  I can’t make any promises, but if you send me some interesting questions, I bet you’ll get interesting answers.

I don’t think we’re going to turn him into a regular blogger, but I’ll see if I can’t squeeze a guest post out of him from time to time.



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9 responses to “Ask the Daddy

  1. I tried, to no avail, to convince Jon he should write a guest post. Ever since he went back to work, he has said his greatest frustration is not having male co-workers understand that he gets up with the babies too. And that sick babies means he will be tired. He’s been surprised by how everyone expects I would be the one to do it, even though I also work out of the home AND they know me and know I would kick his butt to make him get up 🙂 Has M experienced the same thing? And how does he feel about you blogging?

  2. What does he do WITH the kids? How does he entertain them (especially if he’s by himself with them)? His favorite time of the day with them?

  3. M should write about his tricks of the trade! Sure, we all know mommies are experts at calming babies, feeding them, multitasking … but M, as an experienced father of two, surely brings unique skills to the table. How does he bring out the giggles for Daniel and Rebecca? Stop a crying fit?

    Oh, and hey, ask M to describe a typical day (or afternoon, morning, whatever … a block of time) when he’s alone with the twins! That ought to be interesting!

  4. Also, I’d actually like to read M’s perspective of your pregnancy … from the moment you guys found out you were expecting twins (or maybe even earlier, during all your trials and tribulations, if he feels comfortable sharing) to the moment they came home!

  5. 1. What does M do for a living? I have this picture of him being in the financial realm, but when I read that Liz does “the books”, my mind went blank.

    2. As parents of two boys, we are always curious how parents ‘parent’ differently with b/g twins. Although Finn and Reid have different personalities, they are ultimately still ‘boys’. But does M find himself automatically being more rough-n-tough with Daniel and more daddy’s-little-girlish with Rebecca?

    3. How do YOU cook a brautwurst?

  6. I second Beverly’s suggestion – would be great to hear what M had to say about finding out about the twins and all the way through your pregnancy. Now that we are near the end I’ve been asking Husband but he’s not much of a talker. He does recognize though that most of the pregnancy and baby prep has fallen to me which is not entirely fair.

  7. How has your marriage changed since becoming a dad?

    What are your hopes and dreams for Daniel and Rebecca?

    What is your thought process in thinking that your family is complete? Does it just feel that way, or do finances and current stress levels play into it? (this is something my husband and I feel differently about, so I am curious.)

  8. kimbolina

    I know having boy/girl twins myself that many things about them while beautiful and wouldn’t change it for the world can be very very stressful. My husband always feels the brunt of my stress and sometimes I forget he has his own to deal with too. Especially as he is ultimately the one who has to keep us in house and home ( which is no easy task with twins).

    It might be interesting for him to disscuss the male pespective of dealing with certain milestones of twindom ( then you can break it up into segments- stretch it out a bit) like pregnancy/ bedrest/ birth/ diapering/sleeplessness/ burgeoning mobility/ personality developement/ building separate relationships with son and daughter, and not just the all consuming “Twins”/ budgeting for twins/ etc…

    I’m sure many future twin daddies out there really want to know but are to afraid to ask.

  9. Tara

    Another suggestion is for him to talk about how he sees your parenting styles differing.

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