They’re definitely his kids

Sometimes it takes outside eyes to notice things about your kids.  When you’re so close all the time, it can be hard to see the proverbial forest for the trees.  That, and I think I just don’t see them the way other people do.  I can’t, I’m their mother.

Prime example, the way every single person who sees Daniel says “wow, he looks exactly like M!”  And while exactly may be an exaggeration DSC_0813(Daniel has my nose, while Rebecca has M’s), it must be a fairly strong resemblance since almost everyone says the same thing.  Me?  I don’t see it.  Like, at all.  Well, OK, once I saw a picture of M as a toddler, and then I definitely saw the resemblance.  But the M that I know now?  Nope.  He just looks like M to me.  And Daniel just looks like Daniel.

With Rebecca in the looks department, there’s less consensus.  M says she looks a little like me, my mom thinks she looks like M’s sister.  And I think she’s just funny as hell, and her eye and hair color change depending on the day’s light.

Last night, though, I was talking to a friend of ours on the phone and describing Rebecca’s current mobility status.  She loves to walk while holding on to both of your hands.  If you take one of your hands away (wrench it out of her fingers), she’s perfectly capable of walking and holding onto only one of your hands, but she hates it.  DSC_0205She would much, much rather have both.  I don’t think she wants to walk until she’s totally comfortable with the idea, and she was the same way with crawling.  She took her sweet time mastering each little component, and though everyone was certain she was mere moments away from crawling, she worked on it for a solid six weeks before finally doing it on her own.

My friend just laughed.  “Oh my god,” she said, “she’s just like her dad!”  And it’s so true.  M fears change.  Change involves newness and risk.  What if it’s worse than what I already have or already know how to do?  Better to stick with the devil you know.  It took him over a year to buy a new car, several years to change jobs, and we won’t even talk about how long it took him to get around to proposing to yours truly.

So, M, there you go.  No more joking about the milkman.  They’re definitely yours.



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4 responses to “They’re definitely his kids

  1. i understand about the comments regarding resemblance. the consensus that mason looks exactly like tim trips me out. um, he looks like mace to me. and same with o, no one can say…but to me he looks as he should. no for the behavior. mason is me, unfortunately for him in some instances. and o, well, he is still o….all his own.

    i love that you wrote about m a bit too. it is always nice to know a bit more about my too far away blog friends.

  2. We experience so much of the same…we get so much of the “He looks just like his Daddy, she looks just like her Mommy,” but in what really counts trait-wise, Sarah IS her Daddy, and Darren IS me. Much more to heredity than just appearances! 😉

    [Glad to hear the mailman is off the hook… ]

  3. heheheh that’s soooo funny!! Mike claims all the time that the kids are the mailman’s. . . (until I remind him that the mailman where we were when I got pregnant was black LOL)

    I get a start any time one of the kids does or says something EXACTLY like one of us does. I’m sure there will be a lot more to come…

  4. When Fiona was born and they handed her to me, I took one look at her and said, “You look like your daddy!” and melted into a puddle of my own tears because it was a beautiful thing. The resemblance was so strong it was undeniable.
    Now that she’s one (and WALKING AS OF TODAY – so proud!), to me she looks like Fi, with a little of her father and a little of me thrown in. Definitely her own person. I love how she’s becoming more and more HERSELF as time goes by.

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