I just don’t want it that badly

Oy, what an afternoon.

So, obviously the kiddos had a birthday recently.  My mom wanted to get them a good present, and decided on this outdoor playhouse.  Looks like fun, durable, good for a number of years.  Great gift.

Except, she lives 1,000 miles away from us.  So, she figured she’d order it online and have it shipped.

Except, shipping was anywhere from $80 to $150.  So, she figured she’d buy it from Sears and have me pick it up at the store.

Except, they were all out of stock because it’s the end of the season.  So, she finally found it at a Toys R Us in Manchester, New Hampshire.  About 45 minutes from my house.  I said I could drive up there this afternoon post-nap, so she called the store and had them set one aside.  Of course, it’s not like they could have sent it to a store closer to me, and of course they wouldn’t let her pay over the phone.  So, off I go, 45 minutes with the kids in the car to buy the present my mom wants to get them.  Fine.

Except, maybe two exits onto the highway and traffic is all but stopped.  At 3:45 in the afternoon, nowhere near the city.  And Rebecca is hungry/thirsty but refusing her sippy cup of milk.  And Daniel is throwing crackers on the floor.  So they’re both screaming.  I’m regretting the trip already, and I’ve only been on the road 15 minutes. I’m considering just turning around and calling my mom and telling her to think of some other gift.  But I call M, who checks the traffic report, and it looks like it should clear up.  Fine, whatever, I’m already on the road.  After an hour, we finally make it to the Toys R Us in New Hampshire.

Except, the woman at the service desk keeps calling the guy to check the customer hold room, and he’s not picking up the intercom.  And they can’t for the life of them figure out how to spell or say my last name.  Fine, whatever.  25 minutes later (oh, and the kids are no longer in their carseats, but now in the stroller… not a whole lot happier), he finally wheels out this enormous box and I pay for it, and he helps me out to the car.

Except, as we walk up to my van, we both know it.  The box just isn’t going to fit.  Even with the seats down, even if I didn’t have the kids with me (it was tempting to just leave them there and come back later), it was too big.  He asks me if I have a truck (um, no), or if I want him to try to strap it to the top of the car (um, I’m 40 miles from home, I’m not driving back on local roads at 25 miles per hour).  I thank him for his effort, but apologize and say I have to walk back into the store and return it, less than five minutes after I bought it.  It was all I could do not to burst into tears.  The kids beat me to it.

Everyone back in the car, time to go home.  I called my mom to let her know what happened, and she started talking about my uncle’s truck and waiting until it comes back in stock at Christmas time.  I’m not sure why she’s so attached to this play house, but frankly, I could give a shit.  If it shows up on my doorstep, great.  We’ll love it.  But there’s no way in hell I’m crossing state lines for it again.

We finally arrived back home, more than two hours after we left.  The kids had been strapped into either their carseat or their stroller the whole time.  I think they were just relieved to climb around the kitchen while I got them some dinner.

Thanks, mom, but maybe next time just get them a DVD or something.



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11 responses to “I just don’t want it that badly

  1. Oh, what a sucky day.

    I’ve got a good present idea: a pass to the zoo. Perfect, perfect, perfect for the little ones (and you when you need something out of the ordinary). We’d even bundle up on freezing winter days (and usually bump into other moms of twins there!)

    Have your mom splurge the extra $20 or so and get the pass that lets you bring two extra adults and two extra kids. Then you can always invite along a friend who can also get in for free.

    My zoo pass has been my favorite “present” we’ve asked for. Unless you already have one. Then this is the most useless advice ever. Hee.

    So I’ll throw in some more commiseration on the rough afternoon!

  2. I SO feel your pain. I’m so sorry you and the kiddos had to go through all that! It is a sweet looking play set. But, as you said, only if it shows up at your doorstep, right? Good luck!

  3. We had a very similiar day…are you kids getting worse at riding in the car? Mine sure are. I am doing the octopus arm thing which is more dangerous than talking on the cell phone.

    I did two things today that I have yet to do in my parenting career: smacked Jonathan’s hand because he was repeatedly sticking it in the fan(Faith’s too, but that happened before) and gave them lolipops to shut them up so I could take a very important call! Not a great mom-day.

    Nice playhouse…sorry it didn’t work out!

    PS Horray on the end of formula! I had no idea it was that expensive. I had the opposite reaction when we switched to milk, thinking it was SO expensive vs breastmilk. Silly me!

  4. cat

    Why do grannies always have these super”great” ideas, but you have to make it happen? This sounds so familiar.

  5. Rebecca

    Oooh, this is all very sad…and I’m feeling guilty that I NEVER considered this issue when you told me your plans. We had to make a special kid-free outing b/c our house wouldn’t fit in the back of the car with the kids in it—however, it did fine in the back of the RAV-4. If you want a local one, I was at Walmart yesterday and they had a few. Or, if you never want to see it again, try the zoo pass. We love ours.

  6. I think a gift must come with zero strings/obligations – otherwise it isn’t really a gift! I know your mom has other grandkids so she should know better (sorry, Goddess’s mom if you read this blog). I have similar problems with my mom and her “good ideas” but I live close enough to her that I say – just have dad bring it over. Or – can’t you just set it up yourself. 🙂

  7. Helen

    Oooh..Yeah, you can never try to go towards New Hampshire on 93 N past 3:00 and up until 6:00 in my opinion (it drops from 4 lanes, to 3 lanes, then 2 lanes in New Hampshire)

    How frustrating:(

  8. No offense meant in this comment, but this boondoggle with your mom sounds like every gift boondoggle with my MIL. She has amazing intentions and is very thoughtful, but it always requires a lot of work on our part to procure the items she wants to give.

    We finally came to a great solution, which is an Amazon wishlist that we keep updated with gift ideas. Whenever she wants to buy something, she has access to the list.

  9. OMG, I almost cried reading this entry. The number of hurdles between you and the outdoor playhouse is almost hilarious (notice I said “almost”!). You poor thing! I feel bad for your mom, too … hopefully next time, she’ll find something that’s easier to deliver! Yikes!

  10. I feel your pain. But I second the Zoo pass or other local kid museum venue pass in your area. As your kids get a little older, you will definitely need an escape plan for those days when naps aren’t happening and you’re tired of dodging sippy cups/crayons/stuffed animals/trains/remote controls… After my parents got the zoo pass for us last Christmas, passes are all we ask for (not what we get…yet…but all we ask for!) from anyone who asks what peanut needs/wants.
    Good luck! Hope if the playhouse ever makes its way to you that the kids love it.

  11. Dude. Kill me R’ Us.

    I’m all about the zoo pass.

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