Cute as can be

I haven’t been successful in capturing it on video, but I had to make note of some of my very favorite super-adorable things the kids do right now.

Daniel is a chatterbox, and I love his sweet little voice.  He’s got quite a range, going from gravelly to shrieking and practically yodeling, and sometimes just talking softly.  The yodeling is clearly for his own entertainment, he loves to make his voice do funny things.  When he’s climbing the stairs or otherwise moving and concentrating, he often does this funny, growling “word” that would probably be “Gof” if I tried to spell it.  But it almost sounds like he’s chewing something. It makes me laugh almost every time. Another “word” of his is “dob”.  As in “dob a-dob a-dob.”  No idea what it means, if anything, but it’s friggin adorable.  I also think that, at least 50% of the time that it seems like he’s waving, he’s actually making the sign for “light!”  One last thing: he apparently is part-dog.  He just loves carrying things around in his mouth when he crawls or climbs.

Rebecca, when she isn’t insisting that you help her walk, has become quite a little bookworm.  It has happened a number of times, but I’d say yesterday she sat for a solid 25 minutes, carefully turning the pages of one book or another.  This morning it was Pat the Bunny, and she took that little pointer finger, turned the page, and patted that darn bunny.  So small and perfect.  She also now makes funny faces just for the sake of being silly.  She kind of juts out her chin and puckers her lips, making kind of a funny “oooh” sound.  Silly girl.  And god help you if she decides she wants you to help her walk and you don’t get up fast enough.  Ooh, 12-month-old temper tantrum!



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5 responses to “Cute as can be

  1. I love watching our baby try to wave and end up waving to herself just to watch her own fingers. And she’s more of a book chewer than reader so far. She’s just about 10 mos but already is getting really good at yelling at us when we walk away and she hasn’t deemed our leaving the room without her as necessary. It is hysterical to watch her slam her hands down on the ground as she tries to follow us around. Such a fun age.

  2. Is reading a girl thing? Alaina would do that at Rebecca’s age. The boys just eat the books! I love listening to all the new sounds that kids make as they try to find their words. Definitely tape what you can!

  3. It’s interesting to see the differences in the sexes. I think about this age my son developed a fascination with anything and everything with wheels.

    Pat the bunny! You just brought back a flood of memories. I think that’s the most brilliant book ever created.

  4. oooh Pat the Bunny! Love that book 🙂

    Yup – your kids are pretty cute!

  5. dbltwnsmum

    Just wanted to say I hear you on all counts,I have 2 sets of twins,and I have marveled at their growth & how different they all are. My youngest are b/g twins,they’re 14 months and trying to be independant but still hanging tight to mum!Your ity bitties are lovely.Thanks for sharing your life with us all.

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