Olympic Madness

I friggin love the summer Olympics.  As I mentioned before, I’ll watch practically anything.  It’s been like 12 hours since the opening ceremonies aired, and I’ve already watched women’s basketball, men’s beach volleyball, and men’s soccer.  Oh, and it was my motivation to FINALLY switch to a DVR box from my cable company (I know, I know…).  And how am I using technology to be a total dork my advantage?  If you go to NBCOlympics.com, and click on TV listings, it will help you figure out your local cable provider and tell you all the channels that are airing coverage.  So I set them all up as a favorites list on my cable box.  So I don’t have to scroll through the 892 channels, I can just go to my list and see what sports are airing.

Oh yeah.  I’m the coolest.

Daniel, can you say “beach volleyball?”

Rebecca, can you say “Diana Taurasi?”

Teach your children well, people.



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3 responses to “Olympic Madness

  1. Darrah

    I’m so happy to hear I’m not the only one who considered redoing her “favorites” so she could easily access ALL the Olympic channels!

  2. I love the Olympics too!

  3. Damn, that’s a great idea!

    Brook has the tv on, what seems like, 24-7. I’m thinking the thing is gonna fizz out, man.

    So far, the boys like the diving and men’s rings (gymnastics). Brook is all about soccer and his Brazillian boys. He’s been prepping the boys to be mini-soccer players since they were 16 weeks (in utero). It’s madness.

    I can’t wait for the synchronized swimming! 🙂

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