Wrenches in the plan

I want to tell you all about our trip, I really do.  All about our 11 nights in three different beds in two different states.  But in addition to the usual post-vacation craziness (dirty laundry, no food in the house, picking up the dog, fixing the lighting on the 900+ pictures I took), we’ve hit a few stumbling blocks.  For one, there’s something wrong with the drain, so that if I attempt any more laundry, I will flood my basement.  Liquid Plumr didn’t work, time to call the real thing. Secondly, my in-laws are coming to town this weekend and we’re throwing a little birthday BBQ for the kids, so that requires some amount of planning and mental energy.  And third, I knew something was awry when I woke up at 7:45 this morning.  My kids usually wake up closer to 6.  Daniel has a fever of 102, and Rebecca is 99.5.  Off we go to the pediatrician.

So I’ll be back, really I will.  Lots to share.  Including a ton of really cute pictures.  But it will have to wait…

Well, maybe just one or two…

Daniel on the pontoon boat in Wisconsin.

Daniel on the pontoon boat in Wisconsin.

Rebecca appears to have a sweet tooth, and enjoyed chocolate ice cream before dinner one day.

Rebecca appears to have a sweet tooth, and enjoyed chocolate ice cream before dinner one day.



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5 responses to “Wrenches in the plan

  1. What is it about the return from a vacation that almost guarantees dual affliction of some sort? Wishing an easy and quickly remedied diagnosis.
    Hang in there!

  2. Totally unrelated topic, but I love that you often showcase each child separately in your photo postings. Hubby is a twin and when we were making our photo slideshow for our rehearsal dinner, it was nearly impossible to find one of hubby alone – lots of cropping! 🙂
    Hope the kiddos feel better soon!
    🙂 Becky

  3. Sorry to hear the kiddos are sick!

    After your post yesterday on HDYDI, I thought a lot about why we found the first year SO HARD. Then I remembered – first winter in day care. In the span of one year: two vomiting viruses, countless ear infections that resulted in tubes at 9 months (Nate screamed all night when he had one), almost RSV (4 tests for RSV that came back negative but they sounded so bad the ped diagnosed them with RSV), countless colds, countless fevers, mystery diarrhea, and on top of that a helmet and torticollis physical therapy appts. The twin stuff was relatively easy to dealing with two sick kids all year!

  4. I bet it was the plane flights. For some reason they are bastions of germs. Good luck and stay sane!

  5. Rebecca

    Bummer! I came over to find a trip update and hear you’re down with fevers, times 2? Sick kiddos are the worst. Hope it’s a quick moving illness.

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