Chair pictures, the first year

This is at least as much for myself, to see these chair pictures all lined up.  They’re getting harder and harder to take, so I may go to every 3 months or so from now on, but I’m glad I did as much as I did for the first year. I didn’t start taking them until they were 3 months old, unfortunately, but it’s still an amazing progression to see:



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7 responses to “Chair pictures, the first year

  1. I love the jump between months 8 and 9 where they’re all of a sudden sitting up by themselves.
    What a great progression to have – I wish I had thought of doing something so clever to document the changes. Good work, Momma!

  2. Helen

    So cute!!! What a treasure!

  3. oh wow. what a wonderful way to document their growth. i love how they are starting to fill up the chair. someday they will be sitting on each others’ laps, saying, mom take the picture already.

    hey, how did the quilting marathon go? i know you did it, hope we get a few pictures of those softies too. smiles.

    everything okay on the fever front?

  4. What a great idea … I may have to steal this! I hope they enjoyed their 1st birthday & I hope they are feeling better as well.

  5. i really wish i had done something like this! such adorable pictures!

  6. cat

    What a great idea – wish I did something like this.

  7. Oh I love this!! 🙂 What a great idea. I can’t believe the differences each month…wow.

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