Happy Birthday!

One whole year old today!

On our way home from vacation tonight, will recap all this week!




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12 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Big Kids!! You’ve come so far this year and I can’t wait to read about your adventures in your next year. Enjoy your celebration!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Cuties!
    These are great times, so as Kool and the Gang would encourage, CELEBRATE!

    (And way to go, Twin Mama Goddess! Think of all you have accomplished in this past year. My hat is off!)

  3. happy birthday rebecca! happy birthday daniel!

    congratulations on making it through the 1st year mama!

  4. happy, happy, happy day!!! it’s been so much fun following your adventures as a family this first year. cheers to the adorable daniel and rebecca, and double cheers to goddess and m!

  5. Eva

    Happy birthday toddlers. I hope the second year is even more fun than the first (it has been for us!).

  6. Lisa

    Happy Birthday Rebecca!

    Happy Birthday Daniel!

    I am wishing you all the wonders in your next year that only one-year-old eyes can see!


  7. Happy Birthday, Daniel & Rebecca! Welcome to toddlerhood! It’s the coolest place to be.

    Love, Finn and Reid

  8. cat

    Happy Birthday Rebecca and Daniel! May your year be blessed beyond words. Love & light to you.

  9. Happy Birthday!! And, yay for you, Mama, you did it!! Now, buckle your seat belt … : )

  10. oh, happy and happy birthday rebecca and daniel!

    go, goddess, go! and husband m too, of course. you have done so great. now onto the adventures of becoming two. 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I missed posting on the big day! I’ve been counting down with you, too. My bad! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Rebecca and Daniel! It’s been so fun to watch you two grow up this year. I’m looking forward to reading about all your adventures this coming year. And hopefully, one day I’ll get to meet you guys!

    And congrats to you and M, Liz! It’s a huge milestone for you guys, too. Can’t wait to hear about your vacation.

  12. Happy Birthday! We hope you wore as much cake as we did. Welcome to toddlerhood. your mom will soon look as tired as ours 🙂 xxoo chloe&zoe

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