Birthday countdown – Month 1

It’s just unbelieveable to me that my kids are about to turn a year old.  In some ways, the last year has totally flown by, and in other ways, it seems like it has been forever.  So, in anticipation of the big first birthday, I am going to blatantly steal from my blog-buddy Carrie and countdown the last twelve months in the twelve days leading up to August 3.  Plus, the joy of scheduled posts means that you can count on new content while I’m trekking the kids all around the Midwest.  I may pop in to say other stuff about our trip, but here goes for a guaranteed post-a-day for the next 12 days.

August 2007

The first month is a blur in my memory.  Blog posts were sparse, photos weren’t as frequent as they are now.

I was so proud to make it to August.  My original due date was August 31, and I always knew that if I could just make it all the way to August, we’d be in good shape. July 30 was my first late-night trip to L&D, and I knew things were on their way to happening that week.  By Thursday night, August 2, contractions came back.  In the wee hours of the morning, we woke up the on-call doctor and off to the hospital we went.  6:03am on Friday, August 3, and the kids were here.

They spent a pretty uneventful time in the special-care nursery, and came home at exactly one week old.  My dad and stepmom were the first to meet the grandkids in the hospital, then my in-laws came to town when they left the hospital, and then my mom.  I struggled with the breastpump, we had Daniel’s bris and Rebecca’s naming, and I discovered that my feet had grown substantially!  By the end of the month, visitors were gone, M was back to work, and I was a bona fide SAHM.

Daniel's weigh-in - 6lb2oz

Daniel's weigh-in - 6lb2oz

Tiny Rebecca, 4lb8oz

Tiny Rebecca, 4lb8oz

Special-Care Nursery

Special-Care Nursery

Special-care nursery polaroid

Special-care nursery polaroid

From our photo shoot at home for the birth announcements

From our photo shoot at home for the birth announcements

Teeny tiny Rebecca

Teeny tiny Rebecca

We all survived the bris

We all survived the bris



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10 responses to “Birthday countdown – Month 1

  1. LOOOOVE that yawning photo! What a great idea for the days leading up to a birthday! Can I steal it?

  2. cheryllage

    Oh! All the photos are wonderful, but I particularly love that last one…your head resting on your husband, and his finger so sweetly placed in post-bris Daniel’s mouth.

    Can hardly wait to see the rest!
    (and I may steal this idea, too!)

  3. oh man, that yawning photo is just precious! And … was your delivery *really* as easy as you’ve made it sound?? 😉

  4. what a great way to flashback in time…12 months in 12 days. i love it! the photos are wonderful!

  5. Beth

    How beautiful…and inspiring! I took a hiatus from reading your blog in order to deliver my twins – it’s nice to be back. 🙂

  6. I’m really excited to see the next 11 updates! What a cool idea. 🙂 And I love the look on your hubby’s face in that last picture. Looks like he’s glad that’s over with!
    🙂 becky

  7. Thank you for aknowledging my un-copyrighted idea. I thought it was pretty fantastic myself! 🙂

    I will be waiting with great anticipation over the next 11 days!

  8. …meant to say that the ‘look’ that M has in the post-bris photo is great. It’s as if he’s VERY glad that it’s over. Either that or he’s wondering what the heck he got himself into with the whole ‘twin’ thing.

  9. I can’t believe they’re going to be one. I remember reading your blog fairly early on while you were still pregnant. I remember finding it while on BBC. Wow the year seems to have flown.

  10. cat

    Great idea – I am definitely going top pop in for the next 11 days and will steel it too in September.

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