No rest for the weary

I remember, back when I was employed and had vacation days, that the week immediately before you took time off was a bit crazier as you prepped for being away.  Being a SAHM, it turns out, is no different.

I’m racing against time and my various to-do lists before the kids and I leave for Chicago on Wednesday morning.  First, there’s the quilts.  I thought it was a ridiculous goal when I set it last week, but I just might do it: finish all of the machine-sewn parts of all three quilts before I leave!

Daniel's quilt is done.

Daniel's quilt is done.

My brother's quilt is done.

My brother's quilt is done.

Rebecca's is pinned and ready for quilting.

Rebecca's is pinned and ready for quilting.

But lest I get too cocky, there are about a hundred other things competing for the less-than-48-hours before my flight.  First, there’s the gift basket that the HDYDI moms decided to contribute to the NOMOTC Convention’s silent auction.  Nearly forgot all about it, had to run to Babies R Us for the 2nd time this weekend (and Barnes & Noble, and iParty, and Staples) to get it all together.

Bid on me, I'm for a good cause!

Bid on me, I'm for a good cause!

The first trip to BRU was for more gates, to block off the stairs.  The kids aren’t thrilled about that one.

Oh, and did I mention that I have to PACK?!  For a week-and-a-half trip with two babies?  To three different locations?  Some without cribs or high chairs?  Oh my lord… I feel faint.  Gotta go… 🙂



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5 responses to “No rest for the weary

  1. Good luck – and the quilts look beautiful. I know your brother will love the gift. I don’t know how you do it all! I fully plan to exploit the whole “working” part of my life from putting together convention baskets. 🙂

  2. It’s probably too late now, but get some travel high chairs and beds. There are some truly lightweight ones out there that fit in your suitcase. Same for the cribs. The Phil&Teds Traveller is pretty darn awesome and you can use it as a portable playpen for the babes when you’re at home.

  3. i am so impressed with the quilting. you are a goddess, sista’. now go get your stuff together.

    your post at HDYDI cracked me up. arms race. so true. now ours are moving furniture. they are so blue collar.

  4. The quilts are gorgeous. I love your blog and the HDYDI blog. To tell you the truth I don’t know how YOU do it.
    Bless you…… you deserve a pedicure and a massage 🙂

  5. Those quilts are AWESOME!! I am creatively jealous 🙂

    Good luck getting everything done before you go…and have a great time!

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