Quilt Progress

As I mentioned yesterday, one goal I have before I leave for Chicago is to have all of the sewing-machine-required stages finished for the three quilts I need to finish.  The quilt tops themselves have been done for, no joke, a year.  Just sitting, waiting to be put together into a finished quilt.  Despite a glitch yesterday when I ran out of thread with only a very small amount of Daniel’s quilt left, and not having the fabric that I thought I did for the binding, I’ve been sewing like a madwoman.  Every time the kids nap, and when they go to bed at night, I sit in my (rather warm) dining room with my sewing machine, rotary cutter, pins, and iron.  Whether or not I succeed in doing all of this by Tuesday depends largely on how long it takes me to do the quilting for my brother’s.  But I’d love to be able to bring all three quilts with me to Chicago, with thread and needle, and finish that last hand-sewn part of the binding while I’m there.

I feel like I’m running a damn quilting marathon.  Is there someone to hand me a gatorade along the way?

As of the end of the Friday morning nap, here’s where I stand:

Daniel’s Frog Quilt (very nearly done!)

  1. Piece backing
  2. Pin-baste backing/batting/top sandwich
  3. Quilt
  4. Make binding
  5. Attach binding

Rebecca’s Rainbow/Noah’s Ark Quilt (saving for last)

  1. Cut and piece backing
  2. Pin-baste sandwich
  3. Quilt
  4. Make binding
  5. Attach binding

Brother’s Lucky Star Wedding Quilt (more urgent, because I want to be able to give it to my brother when I’m in Chicago)

  1. Cut and piece outside border strips
  2. Attach outside border
  3. Cut and piece backing
  4. Pin-baste sandwich
  5. Quilt
  6. Make binding
  7. Attach binding


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3 responses to “Quilt Progress

  1. You are jamming! I wont even confess how many quilt tops I have sitting around here. It’s sad really.

  2. They look great, Goddess! I am very impressed that you are able to accomplish such a task in the midst of planning yet another trip!

    I bow to thee!

  3. I love the fabrics – especially how they’re “girl” and “boy” without being TOO gender specific. Plenty of blue for Rebecca and it’s still got a little girl feel to it. SO cute.
    🙂 Becky

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