Both kids figured out a fun new skill today.  Better go shopping for more gates.



Filed under Child Development, Infants

7 responses to “Mischief

  1. Ut oh! What a pair of cuties though…great pictures!! They look so proud of themselves 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh are they cute. I love seeing babies crawling around in their diapers. LOVE IT!!

  3. cheryllage

    Oh they are so precious…and look so justifiably proud! I remember Darren’s first “climb” up ours…so fun! (At least your stairs have carpet…;) )

    Let the adventures continue!

  4. Such great pictures. I remember those years we lived in a “gated community.”

  5. so much trouble…but oh so cute! that is such a big milestone 🙂 have fun gate shopping, ugh!

  6. cat

    These are the most adorable photos I have seen in a long time!

  7. So cute! And stair-climbing is an important trick, indeed. After all, we wouldn’t want Mommy to get too complacent, would we? 😉

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