Tech support request

I’m calling out to the blogosphere for a little help.  I’m considering buying my own domain and hosting my blog there, in part because I want a little more creative control over layout and things.  And while I’m reasonably tech-savvy, I want to make sure I understand what I’m doing.  Anyone want to walk me through this?  I know certain things, like the difference between buying a domain name and actually hosting the site.  But I’m not sure about the different hosting options (amount of storage space, etc).  So…

Anyone have a favorite hosting service? Why, and what should I be looking for?

If I continue to use WordPress, which I like, will I be able to have fairly complete control over layout and widgets and things?

Any pitfalls or gimmicks I should look out for?

Any issues with the fact that I use a Mac?




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6 responses to “Tech support request

  1. My hubby is a computer GEEK! I’m going to copy and forward to him to see if he has any answers…he builds programs for his company, etc…so he may know a bit about what you are talking about. I’ll email you if he has any answers!

  2. cheryllage

    Wish I could be more tech help…
    I use Blogger for my blog, and the slightly upgraded software that comes with domain and hosting from for my website, and in truth, I’m only marginally impressed with what they offer, and I have minimal (read: none save selecting a template) for design control.

    For my blog, Jo-Lynne at DCM designs (and Musings of a Housewife) turned around a few adjectives I passed her way into a look I really like…and I think she may use a MAC…her prices were VERY, VERY reasonable.

    Go get ’em, Girl!

  3. Oh, I’m looking forward to reading the comments on this one! I was thinking about the same process & I am so completely technologically inept. Seriously.
    🙂 Becky

  4. stb

    I used and then switched to, hosted with It’s been really easy (once I figured out the first glitch of getting wordpress installed on my domain – if you go this route, feel free to contact me for details!). I LOVE all the customizing options I have with the new site.

    Also – you can email me for my blog address. Good luck!

  5. Husband and I purchased and if you go there it goes to our blogger site that has a different URL (since mommyesq was taken by somone who hasn’t posted in 2 years). He can totally walk you through it (you can use wordpress or whatever). Let’s catch up tonight. I claim complete ignorance on this stuff but he’s graet.

  6. If you switch to hosting your own WP, you will have total control over everything about the site.

    There will be no issues with using a Mac.

    The biggest problem you will have is that since you use the domain, you really don’t have any options on getting all of the old links to your site to point to your new site. So it would take a while to get your search engine traffic on the new site to be as good as it currently is. And since you have a large archive, that will probably be noticeable.

    Feel free to send me an email if you have other questions.

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