I’ve missed you

I think I had to take off my wedding and engagement rings for good when I was about 12 weeks pregnant.  I had gained some weight before I got pregnant, so they were already a little snug.  And I started hanging on to extra water early, so the rings quickly came off. I was bummed, but I certainly didn’t want them to get stuck.

Well, here I am, nearly a year and a half later.  They still didn’t fit, as I’m still lugging around some extra weight (which is another story for another day).  I finally bit the bullet, found a jeweler, and had them resized.  It was expensive, as the metal has gotten quite pricey (and they had to go up several sizes), but I don’t care.  I have my rings back!  Hooray!



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11 responses to “I’ve missed you

  1. Oh, they’re so pretty! I didn’t wear mine for a while either. I didn’t realize I missed them until I put them back on 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I had to do the exact same thing a few months ago and I am soooo glad I did! I love my rings–and I don’t get hit on anymore! OK, well, I didn’t get hit on much before I became pregnant, but it has stopped for sure now.

  3. They are lovely 🙂 I cried the day I had to take mine off!

  4. I took mine off around week 20 and it was a long time before I could put it on again. Even still, I have to wrangle it on and I’ve toyed with the idea of getting it resized. Instead, I just put my hands under cool water, use a little soap and then slip it on before work. 🙂

    For some reason, as soon as I get home from work, I MUST take off my shoes, socks and wedding ring…I guess it’s the girl-equivalent of the dog getting a man’s slippers.

  5. Awwwww, they look so happy reunited with your hand! I was such a hormonal mess in those first few weeks post-partum I was hellbent on getting those rings back on…and I made my hubby put them on a la ceremony in the bedroom! 😉
    (Oh the imbalance…)

  6. yay! i was so excited when i could finally put my rings back on and wear them again!!! and then i didn’t leave the house for months so i rarely wore them anyway, lol!

  7. Mine rings were snug to begin with so I’m thinking I may have to go resize route after I have the tykes. Even my replacement ring (my great-grandmother’s) is getting too snug an I used to wear that on my middle finger! Soon I’ll look like a massive single mom. 🙂

  8. Kat

    When i read this I had to tell you about sparkpeople.com It is helping me loose my twin weight. Let me know if you join, my name on there is Mommakitten. I think your twins are adorable, and you have done a great job momma!

  9. I know I’ve seen them in person before, but your rings are beautiful! I’m glad you got them resized. I was also sad when I couldn’t fit into mine anymore. They’re back on now, but it took a surprisingly long time for me to fit back into my rings — I never thought “hand” would be a place where I’d struggle to lose weight!

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