Mamie, this one is for you

I miss my crafts. Don’t get me wrong, in the wide world of crafty people, I’m not anywhere near the upper eschelon. I don’t do super-complex things, my technique can be decent but not great, and I’m not especially creative with colors and patterns.  But I enjoy it, and I haven’t done much of anything since carpal tunnel took over somewhere in the later third of my pregnancy.

And then, I read Mamie’s blog.  Her twins aren’t much older than mine, and somehow she finds time for all of these great projects.  She even gave me a little personal shout-out / kick-in-the-pants.  So, Mamie, this one’s for you.  I picked up my yarn and double-pointed needles this weekend, and made a hat.  The yarn was the stuff I bought well over a year ago, when I first found out I was having a boy and a girl, and I was going to make them these adorable hooded sweaters.  That never happened, but might as well use some of the yarn.

Nothing super exciting, but it felt good.  Knitting, it turns out, is rather like riding a bike.  It was very easy to pick up and just do it again.  My hands remembered.  It was a pretty simple pattern I found via the magic of Google, nothing exciting.  Classic Elite Four-Season yarn, a worsted-weight cotton/wool blend.  Easy-peasy, I finished it in a day.  I may yet add some little cords to tie it under Rebecca’s chin (if it even fits her this winter, but that’s not entirely the point), and it could probably stand for some blocking, but if not, no biggie.

I’m even heading to the store to buy more yarn to make this hat for Daniel, as well as some embroidery floss.  Yep, I’m going to try some French knots.  Even just to do the initials on my kids quilts, which I will eventually finish.  (No, I haven’t set up my sewing machine yet.  Due to the den re-design, half of the former contents of our den are now crowding the dining room…)  But I’ve started, and that’s something.

Back in the saddle, again…



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13 responses to “Mamie, this one is for you

  1. Rebecca

    You finished a knitting project in an afternoon?! I am so impressed….

  2. You’re officially an amazement! 🙂
    Love the little cap!

  3. Beth

    That is the cutest hat ever. When I found out I was PG with twins I went out and bought tons of Blue Sky cotton to make sweaters…and it never happened. Considering I’m due a week from today, it probably won’t happen, but you’ve inspired me to make a couple hats. Here I go!

  4. I’m with you… I like to do the occasional “newbie” craft, but that’s about it. My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was a teenager & I successfully finished one blanket over 10 years. Seriously.

    Maybe I should start a baby blanket now & it will be finished by the time I actually have children.
    🙂 Becky

  5. So funny you just posted this. Just this weekend I was able to get some time shopping with my mom and where did we go? To the craft store. I just felt it calling me back there….I’m not sure how much I’ll get done before Christmas but I sure stocked up on enough supplies to do some good gifts. Keep posting your progress – it may keep me motivated!

  6. That hat is adorable! Good job! I haven’t knit anything in a while.

    Thank you for the link to Mamie’s blog. I get so inspired by talented moms.

  7. That is Soooo cute!! I’m quite impressed 🙂 And I totally hear you! I went out and bought yarn to crochet an afghan for Logan when I found out it was a boy….prolly still stuck at 1/2 way through. Poor kid. His brother and sister have their own…but even Maggie’s was being finished up as I was in the hospital LOL I miss it too.

    …we should start a club. Bitch ‘n Stitch…in all our spare time *grin*

  8. oooh, you tricksey lady. you said you sewed but not a hint about the knits. i love the hat and the color combo, so bright and zingy, perfect for the winter blahs when they do come. i am so glad you did it…knitting is always what i come back to in times of duress. wish you were closer so we could meet up to bitch and stitch (loved that last comment and the flip of the infamous title, boy, could i use a good bitch (and stitch) session right now.

    those hoodies are superb, and i have a load of the yarn in my stash. great link, it has been added to my queue.

  9. I love that hoodie pattern. I’ve made it a couple of times for other people’s babies (before I had kids), but sadly have yet to manage it for my own.

    Knitting was my first craft, my gateway drug, if you will. (Unless you count the fact that I loved to sew “pillows” as a kid…) Then I learned crochet, then I learned how to quilt. And then, sigh, I had kids. 🙂

  10. I feel green with envy when I see beautiful crafty things like that gorgeous hat! I am so uncrafty. So so uncrafty. My hobbies (running, reading) are so lame in comparison.

  11. You and Mamie are an inspiration for me to dig out the hat that is half-way done from when I was on early bedrest…however, I didn’t mark my spot and don’t have the heart to rip out the yarn and start fresh. It just has too much meaning. So, I might as well buy another set of size 5s because those aren’t going anywhere….I might take it to the knit shop and see if they can decipher where I am in the pattern.

    I used to knit and felt hats, purses, etc….and I really miss it!

  12. I’m impressed! Very cool. Great job!

  13. That’s awesome, Elizabeth. I think knitting is a form of meditation so it should actually be great for a busy mom like you! I, however, can’t knit and a month ago after owning a sewing machine for the first time, broke it after only an hour. But, thanks for this reminder: That’s one more thing on my list. Love the hat … I can see it now: an Etsy shop on coordinating baby hats for twins? lol

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