First word, sorta

I think Rebecca is attempting her first bit of sign language.  Is it “mommy?”  “dog?” “more?”  Nah.  I think my daughter’s first word/sign is “fan.”  As in ceiling fan.  Not perfect form, of course, and you’d only recognize it if you’re really looking for it.  But if that girl sees a fan, that little hand goes up and starts twisting around.  I saw her do it with some prompting in our house, as there’s a ceiling fan in the room where we have the changing table.  But then she did it today at a store, totally out of nowhere.  She just looked up, saw the fan, and started twisting her little hand.

They’re full of imitation these days.  Raspberries are always a favorite, but you can also get Rebecca to do a little clicking sound with her tongue, and Daniel will work on emphasis with “ahhhhhAH.”  It’s a bathtime favorite.  But her quasi-recognizable sign for “fan” may be the first word connected consistently with its actual meaning.  Of course, it might be that she’s trying to tell me all sorts of things, like “da-da-da” means dog and “da-DA-DA-da” means “I prefer cheddar to mozzerella, thank you.”  But she’ll have to forgive me, I’m a little slow on the uptake.

But I’m going to go out on a limb and declare that my daughter’s first recognizable sign is, indeed, “fan.”  Now if she could just master “change my diaper,” we’d be in business.  I guess I have my motivation to keep signing to them, though.



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6 responses to “First word, sorta

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  2. That’s AWESOME!! Go Rebecca 🙂

  3. My boys never mastered “change” but they made up their own sign for “outside.” It’s odd what they will pick up and not pick up. But yay for Rebecca and hope this leads the way to lots more signing!

  4. That is awesome! Way to go little girl!

    It is pretty magical, isn’t it? Like the ability to communicate has just been opened up to them!

    We were at the zoo this weekend, and Faith started signing baby when she saw a deer lying down. 1. I didn’t know she knew that sign, and 2. It wasn’t a baby, but clearly she was trying to say something! 🙂

    After the kids’ very messy ice cream cones, Jay signed “all done” to Faith, and tried to take the remainder of the drippy cone. She grinned at him, shook her head “no,” said “uh-uh” and held on tight! Foiled by a 13 month old!

  5. I wish I had had my act together to teach my kids sign language! I think that is so cool! Congratulations on the age of communication!

  6. Katie

    Way to go Rebecca! Keep up the good work mom. Can’t wait for that first communication with my little girl. I am planning to try sign myself.

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