Eleven months

Oh, for crying out loud.  11 months old today?  Eleven?!  That’s entirely too close to a whole year. Even though each day has ticked along like the one before it, I still feel like this is sneaking up on me. The summer is flying by.  Less than three weeks until we leave for Chicago, only a month until we’re celebrating their birthday at my dad’s family reunion.

Apparently, July sneaks up on me every year.  Last year, I was nearly 32 weeks pregnant and could hardly believe it.  Now I have crawling, babbling babies, and can still hardly believe it.  Oh, and they are a chatty bunch.  I love that they now mix consonants and vary intonation.  It often makes them sound like small crazy people (ya DA DA da!), and there are a lot of raspberries and motorboat buzzing thrown in.  I’m not sure any of the sounds are intended to have specific meaning just yet, but then again, there’s clearly some things going on in those little brains that I have yet to be clued in to.

Anyways, here’s to my hilarious little pair of 11-month-olds.  Our chair pictures this morning were probably the least successful ones yet, but oh well…

The best I could get

Standing is great!

11 months old


Peekaboo gets one smille

Not loving the photo session



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8 responses to “Eleven months

  1. Oh! That last one…classic! They are too cute for words 🙂 I love seeing their pictures – and what a great chair for lounging!!

  2. Happy happy 11 months, Daniel and Rebecca! That last tearful picture had me simultaneously laughing and saying, “Awww …. “

  3. Happy 11 months! And the countdown begins….!!!

    For some %&#@*(&^ reason, I can’t see the pictures on your blog anymore…thanks to government restrictions, I suppose. I can’t wait to check them out at home.

  4. I’m diggin’ #4 and #6! Kids in motion and kid’s

    They were worth the wait!

  5. I love the blurry “we’re gettin’ outta here!” shot. LOL.

    The time does fly, but you’ll be so glad you have all these blog posts to capture so much of it. Wish I’d started blogging sooner!

    (and my kids *still* sound like small crazy people. . .they don’t outgrow that)

  6. Nadia

    I’ve been secretly lurking around ur blog for a few months now, before I had my twins. I just want to say that you have two beautiful children and that they are absolutely adorable. I can tell that Rebecca has lots of spunk, and Daniel is Mr. Personality. Just wanted to drop a note and say hi from one MOM to another.

  7. Alison

    Dear Goddess,
    I second Nadia’s post. I am a MOM of five month old boys living in France. Needless to say, I rely on the internet a lot to get my english twin fix. I literally look forward to your blog everyday. Keep up the great work!

  8. Beth

    I’ve been enjoying your blog as well and you’ve inspired me to start my own. I’m almost a MOM – currently 36 weeks PG with b/g twins. Happy 11 month birthday to your kids!

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