Water babies

I had another great photo op day yesterday.  It’s been really hot and muggy in New England this past week or so.  We bought a little kiddie pool several weeks ago, but I couldn’t even manage the energy to inflate and fill it.  Yesterday, I decided, was the day (after all, I can’t keep going to the mall…).  I inflated and filled it during their morning nap, and set it in the sun so it would warm up during the day.  By 3:30, it was just what we needed.  An outdoor activity, refreshing but not cold water.  I even busted out the swimsuits someone had given us months ago, and gave the swim diapers a first try.  A successful afternoon on all fronts, and another beautiful day for photos…

Rebecca was hesitant at first, but seemed to enjoy it. The pool didn’t quite work as I thought it would, but the good part of the sides not standing up as well as they should was that it was easy for them to climb in and out. Daniel stayed in for a full hour, and spent a fair amount of time doing a little downward-dog action and just barely sticking his face in the water. Made me a little nervous, but I stayed within arm’s reach and let him keep exploring as long as he was enjoying it. We may have a future swimmer on our hands!

Love it when the dog comes over

Pink floppy hat

Getting out of the water

Daniel tastes the water

Blowing raspberries, as always




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13 responses to “Water babies

  1. cheryllage

    Oh look at those happy, toothy smiles! Adorable!

  2. My goodness – they look so happy and so grown up! We’re big fans of the swimming pool in these parts!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the pics! So cute!
    🙂 Becky

  4. Jen

    Ok.. completely not related.. but what type of camera do you have? I found your blog through WhataCard and Snickollet and Giovanna who I know in the “real world” 🙂 your kids are adorable!

  5. Great pictures, it look like they had a lot of fun .

  6. just right, the perfect way to spend a summer with babies. last year mine were still so small we just put them in naked. this year no pool, just hoses and buckets and a cool sprinkler thing. makes summer lovely.

  7. Wow, so cute! I love Daniel “tasting” the water. 🙂 I really wish we had a backyard so we could have a kiddie pool. Jack enjoys the real pool, but it makes me so nervous!

  8. Rebecca

    Hehe. Abigail’s bum makes a cameo appearance.

    What cuties you have.


  9. Tara

    Emilia enjoyed her pool last year at 6 months, and LOVES it this summer at 19 months. Just be aware that if you leave it in the yard where they can see it, you might have to let them “swim” several times a day! Emilia pounds on the sliding door and says, “owside, poo” (meaning ‘outside, pool’). We have one of the hard plastic pools (not blow-up), which is fantastic and seems like it will last a long time. Adorable photos!

  10. awiley

    wow, are your kids cute… between the daddy pictures yesterday & these ones, I’m mush.

  11. Can you please come to my house and take pictures???

  12. Stacy

    Where did you get the shirts? Bodhi was in the pool for the first time this weekend and I was paranoid of skin cancer the whole time!

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