Retail therapy

Yesterday was yet another crap-tastic afternoon nap.  They shrieked and talked to each other for about half an hour before I went up there, only to discover Rebecca needed a diaper change.  They eventually went to sleep, but only stayed that way for maybe 35-45 minutes.  Needless to say, they were not in stellar moods.  That, combined with the muggy heat we’re having, and I decided we were going to the mall.  For what?  No idea.  Just to go.  Well, of course, I ended up buying them a couple of new outfits at Children’s Place (on sale, thank you, the sum total was under $30).  And as we continued to walk around, I saw the Stride Rite, which I had never previously entered.  I thought I’d just take a peek, maybe check out these Robeez that all the cool kids have.  I’m starting to feel a teensy bit guilty that my kids are always barefoot, as I have no interest in searching for lost socks.  And then, the cutest little sandals were on sale…

It’s a good thing they’re too young to notice or care that the result of their bad nap was some seriously cute shoes.  That would probably not be appropriate behavior reinforcement…



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7 responses to “Retail therapy

  1. Ah…buying new shoes (whether for me or the peanut) always makes me feel better!

    I can’t speak to twins, but I remember peanut going through a nap change around that age – times and length started shifting. I think it was the precurser to dropping a nap later. Eventually it will work out…it’s no fun til it does and I don’t know how you manage two at a time, but it will get better again.

  2. I LOVE our Stride Rite store. Unfortunately, so does Alaina and she sits there like a princess on a throne waiting for people to bring her shoes to try on while she points to other shoes she would like on the wall. I guess it’s a good thing I’m NOT having another girl….Anyway, great find with those two pairs – they are adorable! My boys are always barefoot as well. Maybe I’ll include shoes as part of their birthday gifts!

  3. It’s so hot that barefoot sounds nice. I can’t seem to put on any shoes other than my flip flops – even in my office (glad to have a pregnancy excuse). I just bought the cutest tiny socks at Babies R Us for our impending bundles of joy but the first thing I did think of was – how long before one gets lost!

  4. cheryllage

    Bwahahahaha! You had me at “craptastic!”
    The shoes are adorable! Enjoy the window of your babies’ inability to decipher positive repercussions from “negative” behavior! 😉

  5. craptastic…love your word the results of the afternoon, little pink shoes make me sigh.

  6. I’m a fan of Stride Rite shoes—even though we have to have a line item in the ol’ household budget for the every-3-month expense. Regardless, it’s worth it…but they only have one pair each and they certainly aren’t as cute as those sandles!

    Retail Therapy would not be good behavior reinforcement, but whatchagonnado? When they start boycotting naps solely for the purpose of shoe shopping—then you know you’ve got a problem. Until then, however, go with it!

    We ALWAYS let the boys go barefoot, except when they go out of the house. I much rather spend the time explaining to my MIL that bare feet help with gross motor development than look for lost socks.

  7. Love the sandals! I think I’ll start refusing naps — will you buy me shoes? 😉

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