Only two more days, I cannot miss out on my NaBloPoMo obligation!

Sadly, I have very little to say today.  So I’ll post a picture of my kids and hope you forgive me.  More tomorrow on Daniel’s ongoing protest of the afternoon nap and the debate on whether to keep them in the same room…

An out-take (though still quite cute, there were plenty of pictures of them just drooling and chewing on the letters) from the Father’s Day photo shoots.  Lest you think my kids are just that photogenic, or that I have some magic that allowed me to get three awesome pictures of them, you should know that it took two days, four outfits, and nearly 200 frames to get the final product…



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2 responses to “Doh!

  1. no, say it ain’t so…you have entered the p.m. nap refusal territory. ahhhh (falling into the black hole homer style).

    can’t wait to hear more. let us know if suggestions help (said by the mother with molar teething twins that are blowing yuck out of all orifices while usually steady husband recovers from violent food poisoning. yeah, i have a lot of helpful suggestions. ha).

  2. what’s NaBloPoMo?

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